Bournemouth-Spurs 9th of July 2020

Discussion in 'Featured' started by Jesper, July 7, 2020.

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  1. THFC Guest

    But isn’t the point that it’s not about Poch? It’s about JM at the moment? I for one am by no means a Poch lover however I would prefer Poch to JM. I still don’t buy it that the squad we have can’t perform better as a group against any of the teams outside of the top 6.

    I also can’t believe that there are people that are not grateful for the time that Poch was with us....we consistently challenged the top 4 and played football that was, generally admired. He did have a dodgy last 12 months but at the same time he was calling out the need for a re-build. Also, how can anyone blame him for player recruitment? As was clearly stated, he was head coach...players were recruited via DoF and Levy.

    I’m not criticising anyone’s opinion (and agree with lots being said by everyone on here) but I am saying we should be careful what we wish for because JM has without a doubt proved that reputation or previous experience don’t mean a lot unless it makes a difference on the pitch.

  2. Jesper Member

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    Yep, you are right. It should be about JM and the players he has available.

    We probably agree that JM has a history of winning, part of winning is about not conceding easily and the other part is about scoring. Defend/attack. When he came then he came to a team that was conceding easily and was bad in attack. Both needed fixing, two things cannot be top priority so of the two then he (probably) gave top priority to improving the defending. That does not (probably) mean that he is not working on improving the attack, it just means that more effort is being put into improving the defending.

    The defending and the mentality in the defending has in my opinion improved. Maybe not a lot, and in fact a little less than I wanted but I see some improvements.
    The attacking....
    On the right side then Trippier used to be a good weapon, he's gone. Other than him then it is a long time since I remember good attacking players on the right side. Aurier has more assists than I expected, maybe less than would be liked but still.
    On the left side then Rose is gone and I don't even consider him to be more than an acceptable loss, someone who could be replaced without it being a worldclass player. Davies can cross but it seems that the instructions are to use the right side for attacking. Son is a winger like Sane or Salah, finishing is his strength rather than crossing.
    Centrally then I believe that there are too many players competing for the same spot. Ndombele is probably the best midfielder at Tottenham for attacking.

    JM has his style of man-management. It is not suited for all but no style is suited for all people. Saying to someone that he's great improves some.
    Saying to someone that he needs to improve does improve some.
    JM might be the type who more often tells people they need to improve rather than telling them that they are great. Ndombele needed to improve and was publicly told he needed to improve. I do not know what else was said or done before and after. Time will tell if he'll be destroyed or if he'll become one of the greats.

    The recruitment strategy and the impact of the manager....
    Possibly players were bought without asking the manager: "If I buy this player will you play him?"
    Possibly that question was asked and the previous manager didn't say "No do not buy him because he is not good enough to play" until we had the year without signings. After that year then possibly there was an ultimatum from the manager and big money was spent and possibly that money was spent too late and possibly could have been spent better. I am just guessing, I have no idea and no way of knowing what happened.

    Next transfer window then I'd like to see transfers in and the players coming in and starting matches. JM has had one transfer window. JM is in my opinion so far doing about as well as can be expected.
  3. bruski

    bruski Active Member

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    Agree. Didn't make my point very well. I'm saying that Mourinho must be given one whole season to introduce his own type of player, albeit on a minuscule budget, for us to judge him fairly. The point is, although recently he's failed as a coach, he must have something because of his incredible past. I'm a big critic at the moment of our lack of any discernible style of play, but at the end of the day, when players cross the white line, they have to accept much of the responsibility.
  4. Guesty Guest

    I just don't think JM will be backed in the transfer market... in terms of the players he will want to buy. On the money they will want.
    He will want world class players that DL will not stump up the money for.

    We will be in the market battling for signings with the clubs between 8th and 17th rather than between 1st and 7th.

    So Mourinho will have to sell..... and in my opinion we have a lot of dross we should try and get rid of.

    I wouild be fine with going young and building rather than signing players like NDumb for £50m+ who aren't fit the lace up the boots of our great players from the past.
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  5. Spurporter Active Member

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    That is a valid point, IMO. It is the season to forget. I disagree Spurs players are below EPL average. SHU are, see where they got at. We can do much better with available material. We simply do not yet have a team.
  6. Spurporter Active Member

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    If you preach a counter attacking football, no wingers are needed to be an extraordinary. You hit through center, going directly behind the opposition CBs. No crosses, no headers needed, really. All that important is an ability to send the ball pass the keeper on target.
    Current rules are bad for such method, since the ramifications of tripping the counter-attacker are really weak currently. Yellow card is not enough to deter that way of playing, so attacking teams have an unfair advantage. Straight red cards could fix those cynical fouls rather quickly, but I do not expect that any time soon to happen.
  7. Bazza47

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    You’re doing it again Felon, holding back, I can tell.......sad times....
  8. Jesper Member

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    I agree.

    What I'd like to see is similar amount of options that an old Man U team had:
    -Giggs on one wing deadly on the counter against teams pressing up too high
    -Beckham on the other wing with pinpoint crosses against teams dropping off
    -Scholes in the centre against teams trying to stop the attacks from the wings
    Defending against Spurs is now too easy, all too predictable in attack.

    I like the 3-5-2 and the 4-3-3 formations, Spurs might have been trying to get a squad suitable for 4-2-3-1 formation but I honestly can't tell for sure. If the recruitment was for 4-2-3-1 then at least there was a plan but the recruitment-plan was then badly executed.

    What we have is a group of players for which there isn't even one single formation Spurs could play where every player would play in his preferred position. Unbalanced, due to poor recruitment which possibly might be due to lacking a preferred formation.
  9. Spurporter Active Member

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    Oh, no. ManCity is the only club that buys players per manager's tactical vision. As a result, they get the performers that almost never fail to impress and rarely would need to be sold subsequently. All other EPL clubs, including giants like Pool or MU, buy bulk, then see what sticks and eventually sell those who do not fit the team for various reasons. The difference between the minnows and big fish is just the price bracket they do shopping at.
    Levy doesn't know much about prospective player qualities, but he is very disciplined with respect to price limits and do not delegate that attention to anyone. He rid of Paul Mitchell, an architect of Spurs recruitment success under Poch, for his desire to violate Levy's perceived price bracket. The real reason why Spurs didn't buy anyone for two windows in the row was not Levy's stinginess, per se, but the fact that he was not available for transfer market job and at the same time didn't trust anyone else to do it. Once Levy got back into transfer market business, he was a year behind, he lost the sense of proper pricing discipline and, essentially didn't know what he was doing. That is how Spurs lost Bruno Fernandez, Grelish and other players that were adequate replacements to departed Dembele, Eriksen, Wanyama, etc. So, regardless of the above his average last summer, Levy ultimately did a terrible job as a Spurs recruiter and the fact that he has done admirably, as the club chairman is a lame excuse for his recruitment failures. The club needs Levy out of player personnel business and be focused on many other things THFC need.
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