Blaming the fans is out of order Ade

Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by Mattj78, November 10, 2014.

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  1. Mattj78

    Mattj78 Well-Known Member

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    Yesterday was yet another awful day for Spurs fans as the team showed little spirit or fight and slumped to another dismal defeat.
    As if the game against Stoke wasn't a bitter enough pill to swallow, the quotes attached today to Emmanuel Adebayor are an absolute insult to every Spurs fan.

    Bad Attitude

    I have never and will never condone booing during a game as I believe it is counter productive, but when you have paid over a hundred pounds on a ticket, travel, food and drink to watch your team, to accuse fans of affecting the team is beyond a joke and frankly an insult.

    The negative atmosphere created by Tottenham's fans at their White Hart Lane home is damaging the players' confidence, says Emmanuel Adebayor.

    The atmosphere is not great at the lane at the moment but that has been the case over the last three years, and the boards handling of the 'Y' word was a fiasco that caused many to take a vow of silence.
    What Adebayor should be considering though before opening his big trap is why the fans are not exactly full of vim and vigour at the moment.
    Considering that Adebayor is one of the worst offenders when it comes to effort on the pitch, his comments are more hard to take seriously as a fan.
    Maybe if he and the rest of the squad improved their attitude on the pitch, the fans might just start getting behind the team more, but let's take yesterday's game shall we?
    Apart from Kane's early chance after five minutes, Spurs were abysmal from the first to the last whistle. It is ridiculous that we were outplayed by Stoke City, who with all due respect, are not the best footballing side we are going to play this season.
    When the team play so badly, they give the fans little to cheer about and that makes Adebayors comments not only insulting, but also lacking in any understanding of what is going on.

    Away the lads?

    "It might be better to play away at the moment," said Spurs striker Adebayor.

    "At least you know you are going to be having the majority of opposition fans booing, rather than our own fans."

    So, in Adebayors opinion, the team will play better away from home will they? What utter drivel. Yes, we got three points at Villa but the performance was nothing short of appalling. The fans who made the journey to Birmingham left happy with the points, but not many were happy with what they saw.
    I don't care which team you support but the away following always tend to make more noise than at home. Go to Old Trafford and all you hear are away fans. It's the same at City etc, etc.

    Never mind the b*****ks......

    Adebayor does manage to say that it is not the fans fault or the players fault at the minute, stating that the players need to understand what the manager wants;

    He's a good manager and we just have to find a way so that we can try to understand what he wants to tell us and how he wants us to play and put that on the pitch."

    Is he serious?!!!! Pochettino has had the summer and we are now well into the season so if the players can't understand what the manager wants them to do by now, then I think we have a massive problem, and it is showing on the pitch.

    These players are paid hundreds of thousands of pounds and are in a very privileged position, so if they are going to cry at some booing from fans who pay most of their wages to watch their heroes, then they ought to consider a new career.

    I am not sure whether sacking the manager yet again is going to make any difference at all because the players simply don't have any passion for the club they represent.
    Tottenham Hotspur Football club is a mess from the very top to the very bottom.
    So far we have heard a player who gives nothing to the cause accuse the fans of causing players to lose confidence and our manager express concerns that the pitch is too small although that did not seem to affect us under Arry Redknapp did it?

    The mentality of the players has been questioned time and time again yet we see no change. In fact, the players at the minute look lost, the manager looks clueless and the club is going nowhere except backwards.

    Adebayor has been foolish in his comments and I for one think he should apologise to the fans rather than berate them. I hope to goodness he is sold at long last in January.

    Whatever Adebayor may think about the fans, whatever the manager may think about the size of the pitch, one thing is certain. This team, this manager and this club are in trouble and it seems no one wants to take responsibility.
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  2. jimmyforengland New Member

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    About Adebayor and Pochettino:
    So he finds booing demoralizing. Try paying good money to watch this ****; that's demoralizing! What was Adebayor's excuse for poor form and lack of goals when the fans were cheering him and the rest of the team week in week out trying to encourage them? Aren't the fans entitled to boo players who are -- I won't say earning -- being paid 10s of thousands of pounds per week and giving nothing in return? He says he would prefer to play away; then go away and play. Don't stay on the hallowed turf of White Hart Lane and expect to be cheered for doing nothing at all, every single week. And take the rest of the lazy goodfornothings with you. And don't forget Pochettino. Take him too. Two weeks ago he was quoted as saying he reserves passion for when he is in bed, and this week he says he doesn't feel pressure. Well, if he can only feel passion at home in his bed, and not when managing Tottenham Hotspur, then he is clearly in the wrong job. How on earth will a man who fails to feel or show passion, impart passion to his players? Today, he says he does not feel pressure! Is he joking? Only a complete fool would fail to feel the mounting pressure of managing a football team so well loved and for whom such great expectations are held as Spurs. No wonder the team isn't performing; no wonder the fans are booing. Get someone in there who understands what it means to manage a neighbourhood football club or to turn out in the white shirt of Tottenham and play at White Hart Lane. These people have no idea of what Tottenham means. Upset by booing! And today, Adebayor tells us its no one's fault, its just that we can't understand what the manager is trying to impart to us. Some fiasco. Levy: step in and find a Spurs manager and some fellas who can be made to feel the pride of stepping onto that pitch. Get us a leader in the dressing room; get us a leader (or two) on the pitch.
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  3. Mattj78

    Mattj78 Well-Known Member

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    The lack of leadership is not just on the pitch, it is throughout the club. From Joe Lewis to levy to useless Kaboul, not one person is standing up and taking responsibility.
    Whether you like him or not, under Arry at least he admitted when we played shite!!
    The situation we find ourselves in now is not sudden, it has been coming since Arry was fired.
    I was behind the appointment of Pochettino but I was wrong. Very wrong. He is simply out of his depth. Even had he stayed at Saints, I doubt they would be second right now.
    He has no plan B, no idea at all.
    Pochettino couldn't organise a you know what in a brewery and levy certainly couldn't. I started to question Pochettino when he made Kaboul captain. That decision alone showed a man with little understanding of our club and what leadership is. Kaboul isn't even worthy of starting, let alone being captain. How can players look up to someone who is basically a joke?
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  4. spurgatso Guest

    Strange Sherwood who showed lots of passion for this club was hounded out and replaced by this clown,you couldnt make it up.Well it is Spurs.Ade the the man who turns up one game in fifty moaning,yes it is Spurs.
  5. jimmyforengland New Member

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    Perhaps he wasn't the ideal candidate, but I thought we were on the right track with Sherwood. his was the kind of passion that inspired the fans and players alike, and he certainly had an understanding of what an English premier League football club is all about. No one could ever accuse Sherwood of expending all of his passion in his bedroom and leaving none in reserve for the team and fans. Likewise, he certainly felt the pressure of managing Spurs. For the present joker to be devoid of passion and not feel pressure is absolutely mind boggling.
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  6. Christian Guest

    Adebayor is an embarassment and should not only publicly apologise, the club should be seen to castigate him. He should not play another game and must leave with immediate effect. These idiots, MOPO included, must take responsibility. Blame the pitch and the fans is pathetic.
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  7. Mattj78

    Mattj78 Well-Known Member

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    If I look at the current squad, there are failings everywhere that show that our transfer policy is completely flawed.

    Lloris is a World class keeper and he must be wondering what he was thinking of to sign a new contract. I wouldn't be at all surprised if he left in January but he will be gone in January. He is a player who wants Champions league football and he is not going to get that at Spurs.

    Right back is a position where we are very weak, but hopefully Walker may come back and fill that gap. Naughton is a championship player and Dier will come good in time but is still very naive. His best position is centre back anyway.

    The central defence is an utter shambles. Even Stuart Nethercott would do better in this current team. Vertonghen has not signed a new contract, his attitude went downhill last season and he looks sloppy and lazy. He is a very good player but he lacks interest. Another player I don't expect to see at the lane for too much longer.
    Chiriches is awful.
    Fazio had a shocking record of red cards before we signed him and he also looks confused and dazed.
    And then there is Useless Kaboul. He was poor first team around but he is constantly out of position, he missedps headers, he is slow and a truly appalling player. As for being Captain, well that is just a very bad joke.
    Danny Rose. He is okay going forward but his defending is naive. He has potential but how he managed to get a call up to the national team is beyond comprehension. Ben Davies looks short on any sort of confidence and spends more time ambling around the pitch than he does doing any defending. It is worrying when we are begging for Benny to come back!!!

    What has happened to Eriksen? He struggled at first last season but in the second half of the season he was brilliant and we were all salivating waiting to see him again this season but he has vanished. He doesn't seem to know where he should be or what his role on the pitch is. It is sad to watch and he could be another one that will be gone before long.
    Townsend huffs and puffs but even he has said he isn't sure how to respond with all the tinkering that the manager is doing. Having a big squad means you need to manage player expectations but it appears poch is doing neither.

    Chadli is perhaps a shining light along with Mason and Kane. He scored a superb volley against Stoke City and at leasts seems to know where the net is.
    Mason is working hard and looks to have a touch of class about him, which is being wasted as the players around him are lacking any class at all.

    Kane is blossoming and long may that continue but yesterday he got his start yet the manager played him up front on his own and the service to him was non existent. This again showed that the manager is clueless and tactically he is inept.

    I won't say anymore about Adebayor. He isn't worth it.

    Finally , Erik Lamela is the biggest waste of money in a long time. Rabona apart he is useless.

    So, there you have it. Bad times loom large.
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  8. john Guest

    Pochetino out..... Levy out and director of football Baldini out... along with Adebayor..Good riddance to the overpaid idiots....john
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  9. Dj1 Guest

    Potch was just another yes man like avb b4 him.
    Levy dont like someone who makes him spend money.
    Levy is obv looking to help sell so there's no money from Lewis and we haven't spent out of our own pockets in years.
    We have sold bale, modric and vdv and replaced them with ****.
    Under Harry we was a team pushing the top teams two top 4 finishes is not good enough for a team that is trying to get top 4 it makes no sense.
    Again levy just wanted to strip the team and get in cheap buys.
    They all have to go from top to bottom. Get in a good manager like Harry who can put a rocket up there arse and make them run. Not another that can barley string a sentence together.
    As for ady get shot him and Ekotto are bad eggs.
    Lets also try buying proven prem players or is that to much to ask or to expensive.
    The question remains how much more time do u give pitch b4 u pay millions in compo to get rid of him on his five year deal.
    Anyone still thinks levy runs the club so well??
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  10. Gidarmy Guest

    Gentlemen, I believe you and the rest of those commentating on various sites tonight are the same people that wanted 'Arry out and probably AVB out. Frankly neither should have been kicked out. Our track record shows we spend plenty but rarely garner silverware and we sack managers regularly as if the new messiah is going to do a Billy Nick.

    In a way, our latter day supporters are abysmal. Ade does have a tiny point. The negativity from the supporters is lousy. Why do we boo our players during the game? WHY? Is it going to make them try harder?

    With us, grass is always greener elsewhere. We were great once and maybe we will be again but only by standing together
  11. Mattj78

    Mattj78 Well-Known Member

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    Anybody who STILL thinks levy runs this club well is in need of medical attention!!! Surely nobody is really that deluded???!!!!
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  12. Gidarmy Guest

    English is not his first language. He may have been trying to say something else. I do not believe that a football manager is not passionate.
  13. Mattj78

    Mattj78 Well-Known Member

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    I agree that booing
    I agree that booing DURING the game is not on but you cannot blame fans for booing at the end of the game. If we were just losing then I am sure the hoots of derision would be less but it is the nature of the defeats. When the players are showing no passion, it is hard for fans not to let them know it is unacceptable.
    As for Arry, I thought sacking him was ridiculous. He may have upset people over the England job but the fact is he took us to fourth twice and the quarter finals of the champions league, since when we have gone backward.
    Avb was not a good appointment in my view and results showed that. I don't think sacking poch will make a great deal of difference as the club is rotten to its very core and it starts with ENIC.
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  14. belly Guest

    Simple answer Adebayor you complete mercenary money whore, continue playing the ****, ineffectual boring, ponderous, useless football you bunch of overpaid leaches are being paid and people will get fed up. You can then play in front of no fans.

    you are a disgrace. A coward. A truly disgusting human being. do you even think about the every day person who works honestly to earn less than you do in a week in one year. We then pay to watch you. You can't even be bothered. you rub our noses in it.

    We love this club. It means something to us and you steal from us every week.

    Good riddance. as long as you play for us I will not be feathering your pocket anymore.

    Watch the videos, understand the history, acknowledge that those people who pay your wages have every right to boo if you're performance is as sh*t as it is.

    Where is the effort, heart, even pride.

    Booooooooooooooooooo I hope that rings long and loud in your ears. you are an embarrassment. vice captain. my god. you don't deserve to wear the shirt
  15. what are we supposed to do as fans when we go to watch our team? Boo or cheer the team? We talk of lack of leadership- are we displaying leadership by booing?
    Weve poisoned the atmosphere at the lane for so long that if I recall correctly, it's only Juande Ramos of all our recent managers, who has not spoken out against the Spurs fans- remember Harry's jibe at the fans for not being football savvy?
    How are we going to engender any love for club from the players with such open hostility? Remember money can't buy love, and harping on how much they are paid and thus would not need our support to perform, in my opinion, is counterproductive to put it mildly.
    Pochettino would succeed cos he is a listening coach and anyone who says he not got a plan b, has not been watching our matches. Our problem is the tendency to hold on to the ball for long without a final end product. We should always play with two strikers and defined roles should be maintained.
    Finally, some of our players are really not up to the standard required- kaboul
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  16. belly Guest

    I agree Kofi .

    Why boo. that's awful poor little underpaid footballers. its terrible.

    When they play really badly etc cheer them to the rafters to show how impressed we are at the football inabilities, that's the reason we watch football, to watch these poorly paid, overworked, model citizens try their utmost on a Saturday or Sunday. let's clap them every time they pass to the opposition, let's cheer when they let in another absolutely inept goal.

    Let's show these simpletons that in complete abject failure we are proud.

    not sure what World you are from Buddy but sounds like you gave been watching the Muppets for to long.

    This is football. No football fan is ever going to do cartwheels and cheer when they pay fortunes to watch absolute dire sh*t.
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  17. Mattj78

    Mattj78 Well-Known Member

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    Absolutely belly. If we lose, I can handle that, I really can but when the team are not even trying, how can I shout words of joy at them?
    The football is slow, turgid, dull, boring, has no cutting edge and is truly awful. We want to cheer and celebrate but how about the manager and players give us something to cheer about!!! It is the players jobs to entertain, not the fans job to make them entertain. You don't go to a theatre and expect the audience to make you perform for goodness sake.
    Adebayor is a waste of space, an oxygen thief.
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  18. smiler smyrk New Member

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    I agree with all the fans who commented on Adebayor,Kabul, Naughton, Rose et al and generally have had enough of mecenary players and players who are not 'fit' to wear a Spurs shirt ! Pooch, as I have already posted this season has no passion, and it is reflected in our play. The first goal on Sunday, why didn't any player close- down Bojan, Kabul at fault. 2nd goal Rose at fault and Kabul lost Walters in the box too.As for those other 2 idiots Chiriches and Fazio, who's f...... bril idea was it to sign them ? Fazio very nearly gave away a penalty on Sunday again, as he was not goal-side again,the same as in the last EL game. Adebayor has been past-it for the past 2 seasons, what a stupid comment, about the players still trying to understand what Pooch wants on the field. Good point made by another fan, which I agree with, Erikson seems lost and most of the team is disjointed.The style of play has become very 'Argentinian', slow,predictable and boring !
    As a Spurs fan living abroad, one of the few 'pleasures in life' use to be watching Spurs play, sadly to say, lately I barely force myself to go to town to watch.All you ticket paying fans have my utmost sympathy and I fully understand, that whilst you love the club, paying huge amounts of money to watch players picked by an incompetent manager, who week-in-week-out play **** and don't play with any desire/passion, makes it even worse. I never wanted Harry to go, but he wasn't a 'yes-man' so Levy had to get rid, simple as that, a huge mistake as we can all see.
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  19. smiler smyrk New Member

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    Totally agree with you, the way we play is down to the manager and he's lost the plot. it's so dull and slow, players out of position especially the back 4.We need a new manager or Harry and ship out the dead-wood - Adebayor,Rose,Kabul,Cheriches,Naughton,Fazio none of them PL standard.
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  20. Mattj78

    Mattj78 Well-Known Member

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    Whatever people think about Arry, he was in control and levy hated it, hated it. Levy is like a puppeteer and until that changes, we can all forget Spurs as any sort of force.
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