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Discussion in 'Featured' started by Felon82, November 29, 2017.

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  1. Felon82 Well-Known Member Blogger

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    So at close of play today Spurs have sank to 7th place.

    As part of the 'big 6' with over a third of the season played we've improved so much that we've managed to welcome Burnley into the party.

    With Watford up next who sit behind us in 8th just 3 points behind.

    Where do the problems lie?

    Well 1st of all we aren't scoring as much as the big clubs!
    Why? - because Kane is our only goal threat since Alli went on Strike and Poch seems intent on only sporadically using Son. Otherwise who's scoring consistently?

    The other reason is , other big clubs have an array of forward thinking attacking talent. Whether it be trickery or pace they have it!

    We sadly do not. And the Question needs to be asked- WHY?

    And please don't come with all the money talk , last few seasons the board may not have put much money in but we've still spent a small fortune at least enough to have bought some match winning signings.

    Did we really need 3 defenders in the summer?

    Why did we Loan a young 17 mil striker out and replace him with a 12 mil has been that doesn't have half the mobility or work rate in a team that relies on those traits?

    Why is Sissoko playing regular football?

    Where are N'kodou and Edwards etc when things are a bit stale?
    If they aren't playing or getting a game then why keep them?

    What's going to happen if we don't make at minimum top 4 this season ?

    Why have sooo many of our games been like watching paint dry? Usually players perform for their clubs and not for country for us it seems the other way round.

    Poch has done well since he arrived but as I've said from day 1 you have to take into consideration that others around us were performing badly and in transition which will make some of the work look better than it actually is.

    Work hard and Press seems to be the entire ethos of it all, something that is not a bad trait but at the same time when it doesn't work or energy levels are on the dip then what else have you got?
    Get it to Kane and hope for the best, we've almost morphed back into the AvB/Bale combination and we all know how that ended.

    Is Poch guilty of having favourites?
    Is Poch too blinkered in his set up?
    Is he making the transfer decisions or is he being hamstrung?

    A light weight Winks, a bit part Dembele, a sulky Alli, a missing Eriksen, a scarcely used Son, an overused Sissoko, a liability Aurier, a head turned Rose, a knackered Dier, a back up Cart Horse and we wonder why things are going wrong?

    Stand still in this League and you go backwards , we had a perfect base to work/kick on from, it didn't need huge surgery just a sprinkle of magic dust/ambition but we were too busy being the only club not to buy anyone until the season had almost kicked off.

    Who's fault is that?

    We did it again failed to prepare, ignored what we NEEDED.

    Now we're back in our more familiar surroundings (looking up at the others wondering when we may be up there again) we need to ponder what is going to happen if we don't make CL this Season?

    And where do we go from there?

    More talk about the project?
    Rome wasn't built in a day?
    Work in progress?
    No way the finished article?

    The ENIC boom and bust cycle is consistent I'll give it that.
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  3. Del Guest

    Pretty much summed everything up there mate reality is starting to set in and we are becoming spursy again with no plan A or B !
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  4. Sal Guest

    Cause we'll win nothing with Levy, as soon as a top quality player gets into his prime he's sold, it's a selling club which pays lower wages, for instance Sadio Mane went to Liverpool for £130k a week declining the offer of £100k with us.
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  5. Ryu Guest

    what a load of bollox where in the last 16 of the champions league you idiot. We're just out of form with similar point we had the last four seasons. Tool.
  6. Leonardo D. Guest

    I agree with your kind remarks,
    Although I see it like this:
    a) Eriksen's inflated ego has prevented him from performing for his bread and butter club!
    b) Sissoko had many chances to score, but he's playing on 3 volts instead of 12 , a total loss!
    c) Rose WAS my favorite player, but if he wishes to depart for greener pastures, give him an exit visa - he's got a very short memory of what the club has done for him!
    d) Llorente is a total loss - he plays like he's on holidays !
    e) Dyer, it seems that everyone is too scared to mention his serious lack of defending and passing - something is very wrong there!
    f) Aurier, is a loose cannon - cannot possibly rely on him!
    g) Winks, a very soft footballer, numerous bad passes and totally passive play!
    h) Dele Ali - he looks lost, runs,runs,runs - but to nowhere!
    i) Poch - I admire you a lot, but you purchased the wrong personnel, we need and have always needed 2 assistants to Harry Kane also 2 in the midfield.
    Players that give their all: Kane, Son, Sanchez, Trippier, Davies, Vertongen, Wynyama, Dembele, Lloris (sometimes) and Andewreld when not injured!
    And that is where we are at, regrettably Spurs will finish around 12th or even lower this season!
    We are a sad case of lost in the wilderness!
    A very saddened Spurs man - Leonardo
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  7. Kaizad Guest

    While nothing youve said here is inherently wrong, it is also stating the biased obvious. This is a critical moment for the club.

    Don't think the staff doesn't see what you see. But things have clearly become more delicate than they were before. Heads could be turned, semi-turned. It seems like off the field issues are creeping in.

    However, all this also means that the pressure is ramping. What you can do as fans is try to all alleviate that pressure. Don't create a self fulfilling prophecy here.

    Another thing, do you realise just HOW many injuries we've had this season? We haven't had a settled 11 all season. I'm not surprised we're playing like this.

    And finally, Winks IS NOT weak by any means, and had not been a side-passer. In fact he's looked far stronger than moose and forward thinking than Eriksen this season

    That said, I think Dier has been atrocious. He really needs to improve. THATS where all the moves for counters break down. That's where the ball will move sideways (or lobbed out of touch) when it should go forward.

    The backline looks totally disorganised without a defensive mid, and moose isn't cutting it there. Time to switch back to a back four methinks. Till post Christmas at least.

    Anyway, point is support support support through this black patch, they'll come out of it.
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  8. Felon82 Well-Known Member Blogger

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    Thanks for your kind words Ryu, the CL is the only thing we've performed in seems to me as if maybe that's down to certain players raising their games for this with a view to putting themselves in the shop window.
    The last 5 league games have been dismal started when Utd turned us over we then Struggled badly and in truth were fortunate to scrape a 1-0 over Palace , we didn't look bothered in an NLD which is unacceptable!, then struggling to beat poor West Brom side ending in a draw before Losing to Leicester.

    We were out thought/played by Utd & Arsenal.

    We were just void of any imagination against the others.

    And recently which is the most worrying thing is that we look off the pace and as if it doesn't matter when games are ticking down.
  9. barney Guest

    felon82 you nailed it there
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  10. Nomadico Well-Known Member

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    There is nothing I hate more than to agree with Felon but in this case he is spot on with his opinion,some thing is not right in the dressing room,no more smiles and funky hand shakes,just a few basic greetings when we do some time's score,the lads look dull and un-interested in whats happening around them,the league table this morning is grim reading Hugo need's to get a grip and sort out the problem's before it is to late to correct,as for Levy and Poch both need to sit down and work out who we need and how to fund it before the project wheels come off!!!!COYS..
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  11. Gordon Mc Guest

    Ryu - That's hugely offensive. Yes, we're in the last 16 of the Cl, but while we're there we should take a good look around the place 'cos the way things are we won't be seeing it again any time soon. Players out of form is only part of the problem - injuries and no decent back-up for them, some players seemingly distracted and a loss of two of the most important components - super fast wing backs - can also be factored in here. Along with the fact that the SKY 4 seem to be moving back into the picture after a temporary absence. Things are not as simple as loss of form by a long way .
  12. Felon82 Well-Known Member Blogger

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    I do have my moments :)
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  13. Big fran Guest

    Were not in last season... It's this season.
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  14. guesty Guest

    I think failure in last seasons CL....ay have had an effect on this seasons PL

    all top players want to be in the CL....and I think this season they are mentally trying to put last season's CL right....and its effecting the PL performances.
    If you beat Real shouldn't be dropping points to teams outside the regular top 4 in the PL

    Pochy needs to address the balance....but it may be too late this season. If you move the mentality now to the risk failure in both

    .....sadly.....the Manchester's, Arsenal & Chelsea know how to manage all competitions
  15. Big fran Guest

    Sad times when your heading to Watford away thinking just don't get beat a point will do...
  16. Gordon Mc Guest

    Guesty - Think that's a bit simplistic really. If they want to be PL and CL contenders it's up to them to perform as if they do. Some are possibly not in form, no shame there, and some - to me - are just not doing it and don't appear to be, at the risk of being shouted at by everyone on here, putting the miles in to achieve results. We won the first 4 away games this year and since those, what ? Dismal performances at Sh*te, Wanderers and the fecking Miracle Men, producing results to match, coupled with a home form that's far from convincing.
    I'm thinking more and more that there's something radically wrong here, other than injuries or loss of form. And what's this biz about Pochettino's book got to to do with it - if anything. Is there unrest among the players, hope not although I have heard stuff about One Of Our Own being content with his (comparatively, compared to other PL players) low earnings and it's then repressing everyone else and THEY aren't happy. Conspiracy Theory ? Maybe. Fact ? Maybe. Anyway if I were Poch, I'd get this sorted sharpish or start watching my back.
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  17. face Guest

    our stars are misfiring all at the same time Erickson waiting around for the world cup Ali is a Turn over happening every time the ball is at his feet Dier needs rest the Sissoko experiment needs to come to an immediate end and Son needs to start every dam game apart from Kane he is our only forward with speed directness and can score with any foot why isn't he playing more
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  18. Big fran Guest

    Do we have an option to recall Janssen in January does anyone know of?
  19. Bazza47

    Bazza47 Well-Known Member

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    These are indeed worrying times. Having said that had we not made schoolboy type misses on Tuesday - Sissoko, Dele, Eriksen, Llorente - it would have been a different result.

    Sure we have issues - Dier, Eriksen and Dele stand out in that regard. So what do we do.
    Start by dropping Dier and Dele. Line up with 4 at the back. Trippier, Sanchez, Vertonghen, Davies.

    Midfield 4....mmm.....Dembele, Winks, Eriksen then to be fair I run out of ideas. Might have to go with Sissoko. Then Son and Kane.

    The loss of Toby and Victor has certainly been a severe blow. We could possibly consider Dele as a holding midfielder, to try to kick start a return to form, relegating Sissoko to the bench.

    Today will be pivotal. A strong Watford side were taken apart by Manure on the weekend , so despite the threats they pose they are beatable. Fingers crossed then.

  20. Bazza47

    Bazza47 Well-Known Member

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    A character building win is the only result today Fran....come on lads. COYS.
  21. Bazza47

    Bazza47 Well-Known Member

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    It's funny isn't it, that Lamela never came to mind as a possible midfield starter. Well he's going to go into my starting line up, benching Sissoko. If Winks is not fit enough then, reluctantly, I'd play Dele.....thin in the middle of the park, for sure.....mmm!

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