A humble score line, but a beastly performance: Spurs 2-1 Arsenal

Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by Socrates, February 7, 2015.

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  1. Socrates

    Socrates Member

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    What a game, what a performance, what an atmosphere. Victories over Arsenal are always a highlight, but the manner of today’s victory made it extra special and provides the blueprint that we must follow from here on out.

    Kitchen Sink

    Today was the making of a Pochettino side. From minute one we were outstanding. We pressed and harried them and had the majority of the possession.

    We showed what we were made of against Chelsea but today really hammered it home; this is the philosophy of the manager.

    There were no moans and groans at one-nil down, no dropped heads, no shortage in the intensity. The fans still believed and the players did too.

    We showed the sort of heart and desire that is only ever often seen in the terraces and rarely replicated on the pitch in games like this.

    Looking back, I hardly remember Lloris having to make a save. A Welbeck shot here and there and the odd header from a set piece but Ospina’s goal was the one under constant bombardment.

    I’m struggling to recall the last time we dominated Arsenal so much. That’s what makes this victory so pleasing.

    We’ve had our fair share of good results against them in recent years but this is the one that will stand out in my mind. A humble score line but a beastly performance.


    A pleasing victory then but we’ve got to ensure we build on this. We’ve set ourselves the standard that we must aim to emulate for the final few months of the season and beyond.

    Will we get top 4? We’re an injury to Kane or Eriksen away from having no chance in my humble opinion. I don’t think the squad is quite there yet.

    With that being said, a trophy is what I want most this year. League cup, Europa, I’ll take either and we’ve certainly got a good chance at both.

    Pochettino very much deserves the plaudits. It’s his first season, with what is arguably our weakest squad in recent years, but there is already plenty to be optimistic about for the future.

    We’re playing good football, the young players are being given a chance and there’s a strong spine to the side; Lloris, Vertonghen, Dier, Bentaleb, Mason, Eriksen, Kane – it’s an excellent base to build a strong team around.


    As one big game finishes, another is just on the horizon. Liverpool away on Tuesday. They’re on an excellent run but then again so are we. The reverse fixture at White Hart Lane earlier this season came too soon for us. They played us off the park and were well-deserved winners.

    This time round will hopefully see a different result and, if nothing else, a much more competitive and even game. It’ll be a good test of where we are in relation to our rivals and a good result away from home against a team of their calibre would send out a strong message.

    A game to look forward to then but for now, I’m going to very much enjoy the rest of the weekend. COYS!
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  2. Madcap Guest

    I disagree about this being our weakest squad for years, on the contrary it is by far our strongest squad as we can field two quality Premier league teams. In the recent past we had maybe 15 quality players, now we have 22 plus.
  3. Alf Conn Guest

    Spot on analysis of our performance today. We stood together as one....our glorious team and us supporters.....absolutely brilliant performance all round. Sent the Woolwich Wanderers back home to South London licking their wounds.
    Proud to be a Lilywhite!! Everywhere we go...everywhere we go....it's Tottenham Boys making all the noise....everywhere we go!!! COYS
  4. Adamski Guest

    agree with madcap. This is strongest SQUAD I can recall in 25years as supporter. Real belief and effort shown in performance today, full marks to management
  5. Brianyid47 New Member

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    Excellent analysis although I would argue that our squad is far from weak! This game highlighted just how strong we are! Our fitness is the best I've ever seen which in turn gives us a strong squad to select from each week, unlike other years! Our belief and confidence is sky high and we fear nobody plus the excellent tactical awareness from our management team bodes well for the future! I have supported Spurs since the 1950's and whilst not getting carried away I have a real feeling we are finally on to something special in the years to come! COYS!
  6. josh_b

    josh_b Active Member

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    I think what he means is, player for player we aren't as good as we were when we had Bale, Modric, VdV, and so on.
    But by god they play well as a team. Fan-****ing-tastic today.
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  7. spursboy Guest

    i think striker wise although kane is a star can't be compared to berb keane defoe and even Bent. Four top strikers in squad at time but the rest of squad in general is as strong as ever. Stronger than a lot of other teams but not necessarily packed with quality. But credit to Levy because he always seems to have long term plans for us and i hope this is the one that pays of for him and us COYS
  8. stevethespur Active Member

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    In recent seasons we've lost to the "top" teams 4 or 5 nil and hopefully that period of history is over. Beating chelski and now the Nomads well is a totally different experience, and Poch deserves great credit for grinding away at it until he got it how he wants ! This young side and coach are building something and any silverware would really be a bonus. Coys
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  9. Mattj78

    Mattj78 Well-Known Member

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    Still grinning!!!! Grinning, winning, winning!!! Ah, bliss!!!
  10. Spurporter Well-Known Member

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    Take it to the reds!!! COYS!!!!

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