Why most fans can't admit they agree with what Danny Rose says

Discussion in 'Featured' started by Felon82, August 10, 2017.

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  1. Nomadico Active Member

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    I have NEVER said that I dislike spending money if it is on the correct player that can fit into the team.........Least we forget it is the player's on the pitch that win the trophies, play well you win,play without passion you lose,no amount of money can buy passion only hard work........Our basic wage may be low but the bonus system given to the player's is very high........Rose and other's signed contracts recently so what changed his mind set, Walker and a mega wage, he sold his soul for a penny..... You still have not replied to my question in my post,Who will sit on our bench and play as second to Kane?????........

  2. Felon82 Well-Known Member Blogger

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    Big clubs have more than 1 good player in 1 position, do the likes of Bale etc go to Madrid to sit on the bench because Ronaldo plays, or Suarez because Messi etc???
    It's a ridiculous stance that because we have Harry Kane we don't challenge him or Alli/Eriksen etc
    If you were being scouted nothing says we want you at our club more than you'll have to play second fiddle does it? Who's gonna sign with that attitude coming from the buying club?
    So how exactly can I answer as to who would come and do that when that's effectively whats being sold by the club? It's hardly appealing is it hence the reason we can't seem to find a single player surprise surprise.

    So Nomadico wI'll you have a different stance when the Stadiums built? Will you expect/want us to go up against the best in the markets or is that for people who are plastic?
    Is the best way cheap as chips and dawdling?
  3. Remy Uwilin

    Remy Uwilin Active Member

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    Morata would be one example, Poch mentioned how he couldn't sign to backup Kane. A lot of decent players won't want to join a team that has an established 11. We have good players in our squad, we can go head to head with anybody. All we need is to add to our depth, those are the players that one would have to 'google' unfortunately for Danny. With Poch coaching, any youngster we get has good potential because he'll be given the opportunity and put in positions to succeed.
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  4. johnnyhrvat Guest

    Luka Modrić was a player Rose would have had to google, David Bentley not so.
    There were numerous fans creaming in their pants when we were buying anyone and everyone after the Bale sale. I wish we could go back and see who they were. Likewise when Adebayor and Soldado were misfiring there were many calling for us to buy strikers, any striker ('just spend the money Levy, you have no ambition'), and dismissing Kane as too young and inexperienced - I wish we could once again see who they were. I don't really need to as I can see it on this blog.
  5. Cheshuntboy Guest

    Danny Rose has been completely honest about his attitude to Spurs, and at least deserves credit for that, given that honesty among professional sportsmen today is rarer than silverware in the Tottenham trophy cabinet. Whether he'll follow Walker to the sunny uplands of t'north remains to be seen, but there's still just as much time in the transfer window for us to be raided as for Levy to pull something out of the bag to appease the fans (and last minute sales are as much a part of his MO as last minute buys). As for the bigger picture, 'not doing a Leeds' seems to matter far more to some supporters than 'doing a Leicester', and I'm sure they'll get their wish under ENIC - no net transfer spending, no risk of going into the red, no glory, and no trophies - perhaps the new club song should be 'Tomorrow' or 'Yesterday', because there's fat chance of jam today with Levy at the helm.
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  6. Big fran Guest

    Some strong links with Davidson Sanchez for 35m from ajax. Right sided centre half who can play out from the back. Quick strong on the ball and would add pace to the back line.
    Also diop a promising young centre mid from celta vigo. Hopefully things get moving quickly to settle the discontent and thicken up the threadbare squad and it doesn't cost us dear in the opening weeks to come. The thought of sissoko and peters starting down our right flank come Sunday send shivers to the spine.
  7. Bazza47

    Bazza47 Well-Known Member

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    Does anyone have a view why we would be looking to spend £35mil on a right sided centre back, to put him on the bench.
    We need other positions filled before a backup right sided CB......unless Levy is thinking of cashing in on Toby......he wouldn't would he....he better not.
  8. Remy Uwilin

    Remy Uwilin Active Member

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    All depends on how versatile Sanchez is, and he looks a hell of a player. We do need CBs, only backup CB is CCV and he isn't ready. With Sanchez, Trippier,Dier and Walker-Peters - that's not a bad defensive backing...for either a back 3 or 4 formation. For how talented he is, it's good business not to pass on him.
  9. Big fran Guest

    He gives us the option of switching permanently to a bk 3 and adds pace. Frees dier up to play more in midfield and could even start as an orthodox right back in a back four. Looks class. Wimmer will be sold for around 20m freeing up more funds. Aurier is now also being mooted from psg as a possible replacement for walker around 25m
  10. Remy Uwilin

    Remy Uwilin Active Member

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    Aurier is talented but a big distraction and lacks character. Yes we can use a good rb, hopefully not this guy.

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