Why most fans can't admit they agree with what Danny Rose says

Discussion in 'Featured' started by Felon82, August 10, 2017.

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  1. Felon82 Well-Known Member Blogger

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    We finished 3rd

  2. peterg 123 Guest

    James, you are basing your assumptions of City being stronger than us on the strength of a pre-season friendly!....they have not beaten us in the last 2 seasons.

    And to say no home grown players are good enough to come through? Are you basing that on having seen them play, or are you just thirsty for new expensive players for the sake of it. Come back to me at the end of the season when Marcus Edwards has played a few first team games, and apologise for wanting to sign a some no-mark average players from Burnley or Leicester for over 20 mil!

    Am I correct in saying we`ve had all this for last couple of seasons....."we don`t have a good enough squad" "we are nowhere near city or united" "it`s all going to unravel this year and we are going to come 6th" "let`s spend, spend, spend!"

    FFS doom & gloom merchants......they haven`t even kicked off in the first game yet!!
  3. johnnyhrvat Guest

    Rose sits on the loo in the morning and googles 'how to poo'.
    The guy is really brainless but he showed a decided mental improvement when Poch arrived, but nearly a season playing with himself has done his 'brain' no good whatsoever.
    There have been at least three occasions when he has totally lost any sense of sanity on the pitch - remember Harry having to take him off before he got sent off?
    Worth a lot more than he is getting! I had to Bing him to remember exactly who he was. I presume he is not demanding that Levy signs a 'big name' left wingback. Maybe The Sun (the epitome of rational reporting) should have asked in what positions we are really weak - it would have been nice to know who he thinks is not good enough.
    Buying players is always a compromise - there are a lot more factors than flashing the cash and paying the most wages. If we want to compete only on a financial level, we will be about 6th every time, quarter finals of cup competitions and have a bunch of players showing what they had for lunch on social media rather than doing pre-season training.
    Why are Shity not competing with PSG on transfer prices and wages?
  4. Tony Guest

    Don't worry Levy is splashing the cash now! we have got the Saints reserve goalkeeper lined up for £2 million he is going to win us the league you know, Why was we all concerned??
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  5. Londelphian Guest

    Can't me mad a Danny he speaks the complete truth, Im glad he said it, Spurs keep selling us this **** about young players one of our own, it does not win, we think it as fans, and they understand it as players.
    Spurs keep trying to sell a dream for a club that does not win trophies, or pay players what they are worth, or invest in top talent, but expect players to stay out of loyalty, we are still a selling club until we become a buying club and we are not near that.
    All these players will leave if they do not get paid what other teams will pay them, and the teams that will pay them have ambitions to win, which is why they are willing to fork out big money on stars, and in any profession you would do the same.
    Don't get attached to any player as they will all leave, or refuse to play if this continues. If Walker wins the league this year and gets paid triple what he earned at Spurs, other players will follow, money and medals sounds better than under payed and always fall short of wining.
    Levy has principles and that is great, but there not realistic in football, and to be honest its save a penny lose a pound logic. It has to work on the pitch, as no champions league or trophy's will cost the club TV deals and sponsorship's in the long run.
    Top clubs have been poor these last two seasons and we did well, but we have not come anywhere close to winning a trophy, and we have not strengthened in any area, 70 mill made 0 spent, and we have to sign world class players at 80k a week, West Ham and Palace pay more than we do, this will not work for much longer, and you, me and Danny Rose know it.
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  6. Steve1989 Guest

    I disagree with this article in every sense! I have been a spurs fan since I was 6 (1989) and have seen my beloved team languish in mediocrity for much of that time! since Levy and co took over, I have finally had some things to cheer about! firstly under Martin Jol, playing some decent football and knocking on the door of Europe for the first time in many years, to Redknapp's marauding side that got into the quarter finals of the champions league, destroying some very good sides en route! To now, 3rd and then 2nd in the league, and possessing the best starting 11 of any team! For Danny to question the ambition of our chairman, is quite frankly a joke. And, if the article is word for word (which I doubt) it is some of the most arrogant **** I have ever heard! Danny was a very poor left winger, but both club and fans stuck by him. Tim Sherwood shifted him to left back and he improved a fair bit, but under Poch he has flourished and hit his peak. He was happy to sign a contract for the wages he is currently earning, less than a year ago, which was a top wage for a defender, it's only due to the sudden demand for full backs that he mistakenly believes he deserves more, particularly as he has been injured since January. I'm struggling to see how he deserves a better contract. I can't see him being sold, nor do I want that, but questioning the fans who pay a lot of money to see you play was disrespectful and short sighted, when you earn more in a week than they do in a year!
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  7. Tony Guest

    I think the balance regarding the transfer budget is totally wrong at the moment and some consistant investment(not stupid money) is needed just to keep the current players happy along with the fans etc, i do think the greedy money chasers will always want to leave for bigger salaries as i really think loyalty has nearly gone from the game, i hear some of our fans saying lets not do a Leeds which is never going to happen because Levy won't be that stupid and blow money we haven't got! but then there is the other side that do not see anything wrong with us not spending anything and losing our best players through what they see as lack of ambition! a bit of balance please will do nicely spend a bit and keep most happy Coys!
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  8. Remy Uwilin

    Remy Uwilin Active Member

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    Unfortunately, not matter how much one might wish it; we can't compete with the major clubs in the transfer market. Unless, the club is sold to some middle eastern, russian, american, or chinese multi-billionaire...the club will continue to be ran as it is now. Under Levy we've only had maybe 3 decent managers; Hoddle, Redknapp, Pochettino, more than anything that's what has held us back the most. I do agree that for some of our players who have been loyal and performed, need to get rewarded with competitive wages...our wage structure needs to be amended.

    Seems to me, Rose is on the blink of leaving...probably after this upcoming season; since he'll need to bounce back from his injury and perform for a big contract; here or elsewhere. So long as we hold on to the spine of our team, we should be fine. I do believe that Poch needs a bit more backing in the window to add some depth to the team; hopefully much earlier in the window - that's my biggest knock on Levy. But in terms of how the club is being ran, I've got no problem with it...don't want to see us bankrupted or relegated for being irresponsible.
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  9. Scooterboy New Member

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    Funny how we don't look at the agents' role in all this. Rose's agent at Base Soccer Agency (base soccer.com) must have been aware of the likely impact and reaction to the interview. Have you seen its strapline on the website: "Commitment to Honesty". Seems Danny forgot that bit as well!! Forget the money, leave him to fester.
  10. burnt Active Member

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    Wouldn't believe a word from that rag , I'd want to hear it confirmed by someone else before I paid it any attention ... Shockingly poor stuff from Rose if in any way true ... If you have a problem , then go and sort it the right way ... Why sign a contract a year ago if it's that derisory .. Eaten bread is soon forgotten ...

    Was only a matter of time before something like this happened , even if there's not much truth in this it's going to happen soon ...

    The way some people go on about us , you'd swear we were once a trophy winning machine ... Other fans must do some laughing at our delusions ...
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  11. Robin D Fans Guest

    We already have big names…Kane,Deli,Alderweireld,Lloris. Neither would struggle to get into a Barca 1st!
  12. Robbiemac1 Guest

    All these comments suggest If you buy players you WIN TROPHYS - TOTAL RUBBISH - Get a GRIP you guys - Your falling into the media TRAP - They spout this **** everyday.
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  13. Remy Uwilin

    Remy Uwilin Active Member

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    Not all our players will have high character and loyalty; part of football. Rose is looking to maximize his earning potential, as Walker did. I for one trust in the process and philosophy of Pochettino, we might not win trophies right now...if we stick with it; I believe he's setting our club up for the long hall. Yes Danny is an important player for us, but I'd be more worried if it were the likes of Kane, Lloris and so on were displeased.

    Nevertheless, we do need to address our wage structure; if the likes of West Ham and Crystal Place are offering wages of over 100k; so can we. Holding on to the majority of our squad was a success this off-season, now we just need to add 1 or 2 players to our depth. We should be fine once we get healthy...as mentioned above. Buying doesn't promise you trophies.
  14. Mick

    Mick Member

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    For anyone to question the clubs ambition when we are building what will be the best football stadium in the UK at a cost of £800 million and having already invested in the best training centre is bizarre. How many of this summer's transfers would we need or could afford. Utd bought Matic and Lukaku because they can't have Kane and Dier. Same with Morata, if Everton want to pay 50million for Siggordson good luck. How many big buys work out Rebrov, Paulino, Soldado, Lamela, Sissoko etc . City, Utd have spent hundreds of millions and have flopped . Yes we could do with some signings but not top dollar for an average Joe. As for Danny he was unknown when we signed him like Deli and Eric Dier and 3 years ago Harry. There is a fair point about our wage structure and it will need to change but running to the Sun 1 week before the start of the season is not the way to do it
    This is all about money not trophies so let us be honest
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  15. Nomadico Active Member

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    Open a can of worms and Snakes come out!!!Rose was out of order to speak out in public he should have kept it in the dressing room now we have a media storm around our team that can only upset the mind set just before the kick off to our season,trophies are earned not bought,our rivals spend big because they Failed, they want to be where we are but Failed,now they try and steal our player's by offering stupid wages that would bankrupt any well run club,the day will come when the money men behind all this nonsense tire of there toys and leave for other pastures and leaving the ruins of once great clubs behind them.......
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  16. Felon82 Well-Known Member Blogger

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    Indeed the Evidence that Buying top players doesn't Win trophies is compelling. o_O

    All those that are so anti buying better players what are you expecting from the new Stadium? To continue not to compete in the market?
    Still ransacking the bargain bins?

    In fact will you continue condemn Spending Money on Players?
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  17. Nomadico Active Member

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    I am not against buying better player's,but the player must fit into the system otherwise it breaks down,spending money because a rival has spent big is childish,name me one player who has been sold to our rivals above 30mil who would sit on the bench and play as backup to Kane,Ali,Erik,these are the team that we are building,your love affair with mega fee signing's is like a broken record every year at this time the same debate how we are going to fail before we even kick a ball because we don't BUY BIG may be you should follow one of the plastic clubs to for fill your dreams..
  18. Felon82 Well-Known Member Blogger

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    Nomadico I expect better from you than to tout the 'support a plastic club' then.
    Seriously I want Spurs to win things that's why I want better.

    Can you answer me the questions in my above post?
  19. Felon82 Well-Known Member Blogger

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    It's not about buying because others have, it's about buying to improve/achieve better than the season before.
  20. Felon82 Well-Known Member Blogger

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    And the love affair of making endless excuses why we can't and shouldn't Win trophies/buy players/pay wages is also like a broken record

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