Two players stood out for me.. PLAYER RATINGS Spurs 4 V 0 Stoke

Discussion in 'Featured' started by Mattj78, February 26, 2017.

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  1. Mattj78

    Mattj78 Well-Known Member

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    Harry Kane will get the plaudits for another hat trick but Dele Alli responded to his red card in Europe with a mature performance including a well deserved goal.
    The Stoke players got stuck into him but every time he got back up, he walked away and got on with being the player we all know he is.
    Great maturity shown and a much needed win and performance from Spurs. It could have been more had it not been for the woodwork and some great goalkeeping.


    Lloris- 9 He didn't have too much to do but his save from Crouch in the second half was sheer class. His reactions at times are unbelievable.

    Walker - 8 Here was a player desperate to get a goal today! He didn't but he worked hard and got forward at every opportunity.

    Dier - 7 Credit where it's due. He still looked shaky at times but was better and I'm happy he played well today.

    Alderweireld 9- I've said it many times but he is an absolute rock. Hopefully just a minor knock today.

    Vertonghen -9 Unlucky not to score. At his very best today.

    Davies -8 Did well. He gets a fair amount of stick and much of it deserved but he keeps going.

    Wanyama - 9 Such a good player and quicker and more skilful than he gets credit for.

    Eriksen - 9 In control today. Great performance.

    Alli - 10 Showed maturity and didn't let Stoke rattle him. Deserved his goal and his skill is beautiful to watch!

    Dembele - 7
    Thought he was lacklustre again and passes went astray. Winks deserves to start.

    Kane -10 Another hat trick and another demonstration of why he is one one the best strikers in football right now. His first was superb, the second was sublime. He is one of our own!!

    Winks -8 Got forward and is looking every bit a great prospect. Another one of our own!

    Wimmer - 7 Got booked but did what was needed.

    Son - N/A not enough time really. It did show though that at 4-0 up Poch has no faith at all in Janssen.

    Pochettino - 9 Managed Alli superbly and showed the trust between manager and player.

    As ever, come on you Spurs!!
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  3. Felon82 Well-Known Member Blogger

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    Gotta say that was a great 1st half performance, perfect response to midweeks disappointment.
    We could've had many more and the performance deserved more.
    When Kane, Eriksen and Alli show up we purr and they did today.
    Wanyama was immense as was Kane both for me our best players today.

    Great solid all round performance from the team a joy to watch.
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  4. Mattj78

    Mattj78 Well-Known Member

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    Steady on Felon! People will have me and thee down as optimists!!
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  5. Chris #2. Guest

    Good performance today! Not sure why you are giving Alli a 10 - would give him an 8 personally. Well deserved 10 for Kane and 9 for Eriksen.
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  6. Jonesy

    Jonesy Well-Known Member

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  7. Josh B Guest

    Just how good was Victor Wanyama though? Eriksen played wonderfully, Kane on top of his game, as was Dele - thankfully. Mature is 100% the right word.

    The only possible negative to take is that Vincent janssen's spurs career is well and truly dead.
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  8. Bazza47

    Bazza47 Well-Known Member

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    Evening Matt. Don't get me wrong this was a great performance after such a disappointment on Thursday.
    But can you tell me where you get those Rose tinted glasses from.....also a little harsh on Moussa for me. He got through loads in midfield, his strength opens up the game in tight situations and whilst he made a few mistakes, for me he was better than a 7....
  9. Bazza47

    Bazza47 Well-Known Member

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    Do you remember those days, match after match, slow build up, passing it left, then right, unable to create more than a few chances in a match...

    Fast forward to 2016-17 at The Lane. When did you ever see us 4 up at half time, unlucky not to be 6.....

    3-5-2 is starting to serve us well and if we can get Kyle to cross better or hit the back of the net occasionally then the sky is the limit.

    The Lane, in its final year, is becoming a real fortress, where our energy, skill and quality is simply too much for most visiting teams. 11-2-0 means if only we could string some away performances together, we could at least be sure of a top four place.

    Thoroughly entertaining.......Get In.

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  10. Mattj78

    Mattj78 Well-Known Member

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    Moussa gave the ball away too much. He does little things but not enough for me. I thought we played quite well on Thursday and it didn't happen.
    Alli today was superb. Stoke fouled him at every attempt and he didn't get involved. He stayed strong and deserves his grade.
    Nobody really made mistakes so I gave the scores based on that.
    But the scored are only my opinion and there to be discussed.
  11. Deggsy56

    Deggsy56 Active Member

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    It was Stoke ffs. It wasn't Liverpool or MancU. Good win but one sided. Stoke were not init.we do not play like that against foresaid or Gent with same team almost. Why not?? Still it's 3pts.
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  12. Peter Francis New Member

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    For me, Moussa was at least an 8. Dynamic and controlled and ubiquitous.
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  13. Mattj78

    Mattj78 Well-Known Member

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    We played like that against City to be fair and Chelsea.
  14. T Pitts New Member

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    Agree with most things you say but come on very harsh on Dembele the bloke is class, and yes Kane will get all the plaudits long may it continue but for me Wanyama has to be the buy of the season superb all we are missing is a fit Danny Rose and i think a good chance of finishing 2nd COYS
  15. Pickleman1967

    Pickleman1967 Member

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    Superb performance, hard to fault any player but let's be honest Stoke were dreadful, easily the worst team I've seen at The Lane this season. Stoke reminded me of the 'dummy' team that used to go up against the Harlem Globetrotters, Tottenham could have played the reserves.
    Nonetheless, great win, great GD if we ever need it, delighted to see the Kane man continue the saga (seriously, he is solid gold), glad to see Alli recover from Thursday's madness.
    If Walker could train his boot to hit the sweet spot, and Dembele was a tad more aggressive going forward with regards to having a shot, nobody would be able to live with us. I'd love to see us be a bit more aggressive and direct, even today when it became clear it was a "turkey shoot" we were a little too 'sideways' and cautious for my liking. Still, enough whinging, 4-0 against a potential banana skin like Stoke? Sir, if you had offered me that at 13:30 today I'd have bitten your hand off...up to the elbow!
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  16. Muhoo Guest

    Everyone goes on about eriksen having to step up if we're going to have a good season ,what has dembele done this season dribbles past three players and everyone thinks his class,no influence on any results,
  17. Del Guest

    Everyone's comments had abit of truth today it was a good reaction to the disappointment on Thursday but I agree it was only Stoke tbf they weren't in it at all so won't get too carried away but it's 3pts and with Everton coming it should be a better test!!! We desperately need rose back asap and does anyone know what's happening with Erik lamela ???? And it appears Jansen is finished, I do feel sorry for him but he hasn't helped himself. COYS
  18. Spurporter

    Spurporter Active Member

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    Second period was a training one for MP, but it demonstrated one important feature to me. Wimmer and Dier can work well together as the CBs. I am sure we will see them as a pair at some point. COYS!!
  19. Big fran Guest

    The moose is an absolute monster.
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  20. Bazza47

    Bazza47 Well-Known Member

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    I like Moose. Okay he makes a few mistakes, but he is one of the few players who can beat players, creating space for others as he does so. Just needs to shoot with that left foot more often......
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  21. spursforlife Guest

    Eriksen corners have improved. To be fair, against gent he took decent corners

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