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Discussion in 'Featured' started by Felon82, June 9, 2017.

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  1. Felon82 Well-Known Member Blogger

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    Everyone missing it yet?

    So as the season closed we said goodbye to the Lane, unbeaten and patted each other on the back for what was a really good campaign.
    Scored the most, conceded the least, Kane had the golden boot all the recipes for winning things......
    Alas we came second (only Spurs aye?)

    We seemed to have as usual other clubs trying their best to mock from their lowly positions seeking some sort of solace in their own failures.

    So I thought we could have a debate on here about the big/top 6 and see who people think were the biggest losers of the 16/17 season.

    Chelsea - Premier League winners, FA cup runners up. For a club with an embarrassment of riches at its disposal, especially with no European football as a distraction this is pretty much what really should be expected of them.

    Spurs - Runners up in the League a poor CL campaign, semis of the FA cup and CL qualification 2nd year running. Despite all the stats mentioned earlier Silverware was really needed to put the cherry on the cake.

    Manchester City - 3rd in the league, Round of 16 in the CL throwing a 2 goal aggregate to Monaco and an FA cup semi final. Again with seemingly a bottomless pit of money to hand pick nearly whoever they want including having a renowned top coach in Pep this to me is quite poor they should really be battling it out with Chelsea not scraping into the top 4 with a few weeks to go.

    Liverpool - 4th (shoe horned the scum finally out of the gravy troth to the dismay of Bayern). Liverpool seem to be steadily improving under Klopp CL is a great achievement for them currently and will help them in their rebuild. At times they look great at other times they really struggle against smaller sides. It won't happen but I'd love to prise Coutinho and Manè from them.

    Arsenal - 5th the FA cup and Europa League Qualification. The Cup win being their 1 saving grace in what really was a poor season for them. Tragically having no shame the club that boasted top 4 was bigger than winning trophies now use the FA cup (the cup they were too big for) as a badge of honour to try and claw back some dignity. (Only the Scum aye?)

    Manchester Utd - 6th, a Cup double including a European Honour (despite Mourinho claiming the charity shield as a trebble) it's no secret Utd have fallen from their lofty status the last few years and the football they play currently (considering the fees and wages) is let's say 'Allardyesque' it's hard to argue a double season is a poor one.

    Now I'm basing my verdict on the club's as a whole as to how I rate their achievements this season, money/wages/manager/squad etc
    So in order of best to worst-

    1. Reluctantly Chelsea top the pile, the Premier league Crown is the hardest thing to win and the biggest prize barring the CL. For them to be so glad at beating us really does show how worried they are.

    2. Although they finished 6th (still with CL qualification) Utds double was quite an achievement and spares our blushes in our abysmal recent record in Europe. The Football they play is stinky though and 6th was rubbish!

    3. Spurs, Good football, much smaller budget than the rest with youth and an English core. The silverware eluded us again unfortunately, but CL qualification 2 years running and the only team to make a title run in was a successful season.

    4. Liverpool been out in the wilderness for a while despite the odd flash with Brenda (look at Tottenham) Rodgers. Klopp has began to imprint his style of play on the team and securing CL for them is a plus.

    5. Arsenal their FA cup win their only chink of light in an embarrassing campaign for them, oh how the country is delighted to finally see this 'Giant' of the game removed from the big European stage and not before time either their CL heritage has been nothing short of an embarrassment yet still they think they're up there with the best.

    6. Man City, they've got it all the star studded line up the block buster manager, more money than Levy's personal bank account. To be limping in to top 4, making no attempt at a title challenge, zero in the silverware department they for me are the biggest losers of the Top 6 this season.

    What are your thoughts?
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  3. Bazza47

    Bazza47 Well-Known Member

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    Afternoon Felon. Trust you are well.

    I do miss it, having logged on regularly to see no action of late. I've promised Admin I'll post when I'm back from hols.

    The lack of silverware and a horrid European campaign is enough to not put us second in your Reflective view. A lot of credit goes to the fact that net we've spent no money in 5 years, even if we've wasted money on several.

    To ours and DL's eternal credit we are the best achievers per £ invested in players and wages, by a country mile, so well for that, and I'd go as far to say we've been the best watch of all the teams, again by a long way.

    That finish as well, 9-0-1 and 13 goals away in the last two is worth a mention as well. I have never enjoyed a campaign as much as this one and it was a privilege to see us achieve a 17-2-0 at The Lane, amassing 53 points to along the way. Wembley won't be as kind to us.

    We know we need some more quality in the squad, and we all hope DL will support the season away with some quality new talent. It must be done.

    So I'll wish you a good summer and be in touch once the fixtures are out.

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  4. Nomadico Well-Known Member

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    Afternoon all,a good positive post Fellon and a honest one,the only change would be Spurs we played some sublime stuff this year and at time's were out standing but,the best for me was the change in our do or die attitude we never gave up and ALL played as a team with a winning feeling,in contrast to before where our heads would go down and give up,so a good season and if DL backs Poch more of the same next year!!COYS. HAPPY HOLIDAYS ALL
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  5. Cheshuntboy Guest

    We were the two season champions, apparently, but haven't actually headed the 'real' league in that period, while our cup performances and results both in Europe and domestically have been mediocre at best - we've absolutely GOT to win something if the potential for a real Spurs resurgence which has been building since the Redknapp era is not to fade away - we may not 'do a Leeds' in financial terms (I hope!) but we could all too easily follow their example of failing to cement a permanent place in the top four without trophies to attract and retain the quality of player needed to compete for CL qualification (and playing at Wembley next season is going to test Pochettino's abilities like never before - another season like this one will be nothing short of miraculous). Oh, and what about the Lloris howler for France the other day? We've had plenty of overrated players over the years, but he's near the top of my list (though BAE is still the unchallenged leader!).
  6. stephen Guest

    We beat every team in the league at least once except liverpool i bet thats a record.
  7. Bazza47

    Bazza47 Well-Known Member

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    I have to confess to being more than worried by Hugo. His distribution is/was worrying throughout last term and of the first team regulars he is the one for me who didn't have a better season than 2015-16. In the end he only had himself to blame for not at least sharing the golden gloves, with the Leicester slip up.
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  8. burnt Active Member

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    I taught you were of the opinion domestic cups are more important then a top 4 finish , wouldn't that opinion make Arseholes season more successful then ours ? ... Personally I wouldn't argue with your o/p , that's more or less the way I'd call it myself ....

    Like everyone else I taught we were brilliant in the league from Dec onwards , stuttery old start especially that run of one win in ten around Oct time , jeez it turned out to be so costly in the end but overall we exceeded my expectations and the way we finished the season was pretty spectacular ... You couldn't be anything but proud of all involved ...

    The European venture was pretty shambolic , all our European adventures have been poor under Poch so that's one area that needs serious improvement going forward ... This year especially , as the Mancs have shown that Europa was very winnable ... Not so bothered about the domestic s myself but we did well in the FA Cup , the margins are small when the top teams play eachother and on another day we'd win that one , and as far as the league Cup is concerned , personally I don't have a problem with the way we approach it , playing the squad players with some of the youth players .. It's really a nothing comp in the modern game , it's nice to win it when you get to the final but is forgotten about fairly fast once you get knocked out ... All in all it was a very enjoyable season and one that marks us down as a genuine serious outfit , even a cynic like myself is believing that now ....

    Just had a quick look at the under 20 world Cup every now and again and Mr Onomah is showing he can play a bit , there's hope for him yet , Walker mrk 2 looks like he might also have a future ...

    Enjoy the rest of the break everyone , we won't feel it and the countdown will be here again ... C.O.Y.S ..
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  9. Nomadico Well-Known Member

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    Hugo is a concern he thinks he can't be dropped and with only Vorm as backup I understand him,I think Bazza47 was talking about Pickford as a better pick,imo the Leicester keeper is far better..
  10. burnt Active Member

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    Personally I think Vorm is not a bad back up at-all , he wouldn't be far off either i.m.o , Pickford is deff a promising young keeper but he's in vogue at the moment and im sure his price would reflect this ... Still has an awful lot to prove for me ...
  11. Felon82 Well-Known Member Blogger

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    I would've preferred a Trophy in all honesty, as we won't win the CL next season we can't even win the Europa.
    Arsenal are CL regulars and with the resources they have the FA cup is an after thought.
    To us the FA cup wouldve meant something.
    My rationale is the over view of all the top 6 season and what the club's have and should be achieving.
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  12. graham minshall New Member

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    ambition. To challenge for title, and possibly a cup,
    result, success.

    To finish in top 4 as high as possible and a good cup run.

    Man city:
    To challenge for the title, go deep into C L, and a cup,
    miserable failure.

    Liverpool: Top 4,

    Top 4, good run in C L, and any other straws they can clutch at.
    for them now, poor in the P L, hammered in the C L and the F A cup is success!

    Man U;
    To challenge for the tile an a cup.
    Very poor in P L, 2 trophies,(one with the help of officials AGAIN!) qualifying for C L, overall success.

    So for the forthcoming season, my hope would be, top 4,with hopefully challenge for title, good go at C L, and a cup, but as we've seen with official's decisions in cup games the can make a hell of a difference to the results'

    as ever COYS
  13. Big fran Guest

    Really need to push on next year and this transfer is the most pivotal one in our history thus far..
    City are throwing the money around already with united to reportedly follow suit. Liverpool also look like they have financial clout that we simply cannot match if the figures regarding van djke are to be believed. A player who would have been ideal for ourselves.
    Sadly we just cannot live with this kind of spending and already look like losing walker to a major rival due to the wages on offer. I think selling walker may show other players by throwing the toys out can offer them a route out the club in pursuit of wages and trophies. Hopefully thats not the case.
    I would like to sign established stars like van dyke,lacazette etc but realistically we will be looking to follow the route of young English talent who we can develop upon such as sessagnon Barclay and Maguire. I'd expect also walker-peters, carter-vickers winks and onomah who impressed in his holding mid role for the under 20s winning side for england.
    Be interesting how much the budget is. I would normally assume 20-30m will be given along with player sales walker(40m) wimmer (15m) and sissoko(20m) so really I'd prefer two 50m signings but cannot see it.
  14. guesty Guest

    for me...a good price for Walker and he can go. he's not the most consistent full back (defensively)...his pace gets him out of his bad decisions. ....but if he is to go it is only because Pochy allows he must have a plan

    we are once again in the same situation as last season. had a chance to win the PL...and just came up short. so we go into the summer expecting the other top6 to buy big for next season
    For me its a replacement for Walker and a replacement/addition to Janssen...which should be top players (who come at a price)
    Replacements for others leaving will, I think, be back-ups to our youngsters that Pochy has faith in.

    NB - I don't expect any of our other big players to leave (only Walker)......I include Lloris in that. he is a good keeper. ....what he needs to learn quickly is that his defense is top drawer and as such he won't be called upon as much during the his concentration needs to be spot on

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