Self-destructive. PLAYER RATINGS: Spurs 2-2 Gent

Discussion in 'Featured' started by Mattj78, February 23, 2017.

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  1. Mattj78

    Mattj78 Well-Known Member

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    I've seen Spurs play worse than they did tonight but oh my did they hit the self-destruct button. It was like Spurs of old. Huffing and puffing but couldn't blow the house down.
    Pochettino picked a strong starting 11 although I was surprised to see Winks dropped in favour of Dembele. Winks had a great game at Fulham and Dembele had been out of form.

    Spurs, with a rather quiet 80 + thousand behind them started quickly and after ten minutes took the lead. Dier scooped the ball forward, Eriksen latched onto the ball and just as it looked as though he may have over run the ball, he calmly slotted past the keeper and it was Spurs in control.

    But here is a question for you. Is there anything more pointless in football than a Spurs corner? Corner after corner went to a Gent head, was played short and then backwards!!! It was so infuriating!!!!!!
    And then the 5 officials decided a blatant goal kick was a Gent corner. Alderweireld was furious and Spurs switched off. When the corner came in, Spurs were asleep , Kane had gone wandering and in his attempt to get to the ball, he merely nodded the ball back into his own goal and suddenly Gent had the away goal and Spurs were in need of 2 goals to progress.

    Walker got forward well but I have to say that Trippier delivers a better ball. Walkers crossing was abysmal and when in a good position he drew a decent save from the keeper with players in the box in a better position.

    The fans were getting nervous and although the odd bit of volume was heard, that nervousness was transferring to the players. Passses started to go astray and tackles became reckless.

    Then on 40 minutes, in a part if the field where there was little danger, Delle showed his dark side and lost it. It was a shocking challenge, High and studs up and I don't like to see that. Poch didn't look too impressed either.

    We got to half time at 1-1 and still needing 2 goals. There was only one thing Poch could tell his players and that was to attack. And in fairness we did so. Son came in and ran at the defence and looked likely to be the player who could push us on to victory.
    It was in the 61st minute that Spurs got ahead when Wanyama curled home beautifully. Suddenly the packed Wembley crowd was alive and Spurs could sense victory. But Son who was looking good managed to not quite pick out the right ball at times and Spurs just could not get that goal. Kane could have played for another ten hours and still wouldn't have scored in the right goal.

    Once Spurs went ahead, rather than keep plugging away, the players went all Stamford Bridge on us. Vertonghen and Walker both picked up stupid bookings for dissent and then Dier and Vertonghen managed to get things very wrong. Dier pushed up as Gent attacked, Vertonghen went backwards and Gent were in. The ball was played across and all Dier had to do was to get the ball clear. Instead he totality fluffed his lines as he has done so many times this season and Gent scored to make it 2-2 and 2-3 on aggregate. Spurs were broken. Spurs were out.

    Lloris: 6 Couldn't do much about the goals.

    Walker: 5 Got forward okay but his final ball was poor. Trippier can cross the ball better.

    Vertonghen: 6 Was doing okay but made a mess of the last goal with Dier.

    Alderweireld: 7 Make him captain.

    Davies: 5 It's like having a player less on the pitch at times. Terrible performance.

    Dier: 2 Absolutely dreadful. He was very complacent throughout the game before his **** up. It's been tough being moved around positions but he needs to change his attitude. And up his game.

    Wanyama: 8 Played well and scored a great goal. Worked hard and unlucky to be on the losing side.

    Alli: 1 Appalling tackle. A fabulous talent but he HAS to learn. He let his side down and the fans tonight. Spurs were attacking and could have won this game. He will be brilliant for us but tonight was inexcusable.

    Eriksen: 6 He got his goal and did get forward well. But he needs to work on his strength. He gets bumped off the ball too easily.

    Dembele: 3 How Winks didn't start is beyond me. Dembele has not been good this season and tonight he was very poor.

    Kane: 4 Not a good night for Harry. Own goal and just not at the races.

    Winks: 7 Came on and gets the ball forward quickly. Has to start against Stoke.

    Son: 7 In fairness he came on and added pace. Missed a great chance but at least created chances.

    Janssen: N/A Can't give a score. Pointless bringing him on with 2 minutes left needing 2 goals.

    Pochettino : 6 Tricky. Alli cost us the game tonight along with Dier. I don't think that Poch will have been having a nice little chat with them tonight.

    Gent are a team sitting 6th in the Belgium league. Basically about the same level as Sutton United. Okay, that's harsh but to lose to Gent over 2 legs is simply not good enough. Alli didn't help. The lack of talent on the bench didn't help and yet another Dire, Dier mistake has cost us dear.

    I can only hope that we don't play at Wembley next season and just play in a local park. Poch has a massive job to do now to lift his payer for the visit of Stoke. It's the FA cup and top four now for Spurs. Missing out on both is, well, I hope we don't have to deal with that.

    Here we go again. Come on you Spurs.
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  3. burnt Active Member

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    We can make excuses and to be fair there are some genuine ones this eve but there's no hiding the fact over 2 legs we got K.O,d by Gent .... It's shameful when you think about it ... Sums up our European escapades over last few season's , this one has been especially awful all round ... Well another one bites the dust so we don't have to worry too much about rotation any more .. Strongest line up every game from now on , no excuses ... C.O.Y.S ......
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  4. Jonesy

    Jonesy Well-Known Member

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    Nightmare journey there (again) but persevered to watch that! Another failure to add to the list I'm afraid. Just endemic of our club. Another Spursy performance ffs.

    Now, Gent - Really? This is a team sitting in eighth of the Belgian league. Embarrassing that some are talking up the 2nd half performance. Well, I didn't see their keeper being worked too hard?

    This was an important competition for us and probably our best chance of CL qualification. But we bottled it, again. Alli is petulant; Dier/Davies both awful and Kane et al wasteful, spurning chance after chance.

    Where will we go from here; will they take a long hard look at themselves and realise they have let the fans down, putting things right? Or, continue to choke and fail, blowing the top 4 and the FA Cup?

    I sincerely hope it's the former and not the latter.

    Move on, learn and get our domestic campaign back on track. PLEASE!

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  5. Del Guest

    Same old story for me!! Spurs bottled it once again and it's seems to be the same old DIER mistakes at the back !! But I don't want to blame him alone as alli stupity cost us and we were guilty up top aswell with the chances we should of put away and again a pacey striker wud of been ideal to bring in and change things but oh no we didn't f******g sign 1!!!! No plan b again absolutely let down us fans and what tops it off is u get the players coming out in the media before the game saying how much confidence we have and we're gonna make Wembley our home blah blah blah then after we lose as per usual the players say they weren't good enough etc .....same old excuses!!!!!!!
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  6. Spurporter

    Spurporter Active Member

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    There are losses, and there are losses... This one will hurt for a long, long time and will be remembered even longer. We were very poor and lost in Genk, we were very good and lost by aggregate at Wembley anyway. WTF? I know it is a young team with insufficient mental toughness. But we played a minnow. And they knocked us out. Does MP knows how to get them prepared? I am very much upset. COYS!!!
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  7. Jan Guest

    seems a bit harsh only 6 for Eriksen. 1 goal and 1 assist! Most attacks came from him as usual. Given the fact we also played 10 men doesn't make it easy for an attacking midfielder as well.
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  8. Felon82 Well-Known Member Blogger

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    Another European Shambles from Poch the Ponderer and his band of clueless boys.
    The Old Wembley had the twin towers the New Wembley has Fawlty Towers when we turn up.
    It seems the Huge soulless corporate thunder dome magnifies just how poor we can be.
    It's alright Poch strolling about looking p;ssed off but when is he gonna learn some differing tactics and take some responsibility for his bang average buys and snail pace clueless football ?
    Alli let the club down badly last night he should be dropped to be reminded he's not bigger than the club and that behaviour of such does not get you game time.
    Yes we've missed Jan who had stepped up early season to the player we know he can be but I still have my reservations about his defending and when he's paired up with Dier who has been awful all season it doesn't fill me with confidence.
    But as in most cases who have we got to change things? Wimmer did well until Poch cast him out and has barely been seen since.
    The lack of options and game winners will forever haunt this club in the drive to be the most prudent team in Professional sport but make as much money as possible.
    Doesn't matter about delivering anything as long as we're there or there abouts.
    Same Old Tottenham
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  9. abe Guest

    really dembele a 3? He did quite well I thought. We do need a 2 really good creative players - one a midfielder and another winger. Son is good but misses too many good opps. Maybe we are missing Lamela. Agree on Walker. Final ball is not good. This is Spurs - and this one of those Spurs things.. Just one of those nights that as Spurs fans we have to suffer through
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  10. Josh B Guest

    I sympathise with the booking for dissent when the referee and his mates can't tell their metaphorical arses from their elbows. Ref was so poor.

    But we can't blame him. From a passing look at top European sides, like Athletico Madrid, who might only create six chances all game but they're such good chances they score four - there's a huge difference. 24 shots, 3 on target. Three.

    ****s sake Tottenham.
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  11. barney Guest

    i think next season at wembley could be very barren for us it dose not lift us but it does feel like we are the away team every game :(
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  12. guesty Guest

    we can't blame the ref...but he was poor. BUT again we fell for the way the oppo win favour with the ref.
    In Europe we have to be the same. we have fall over easily. we have to make ourselves look like the battered team.
    Alli was fouled (again) and re-acted. but you cannot react like that. there have been sooo many red cards for sooo much less. he could really have injured their player.

    IMO we should have put Janssen on sooner. the lad will be sold....but he does have some fight about him.
    having said that I think we had the chances to win the game/tie
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  13. N17 Guest

    I believe we played a very good game last night. Even with 10 men the difference in quality was visible. We didn't qualify for the next round not because of the red card or anything else. We didn't qualify because we didn't show up in Belgium. We need to regroup and push for the FA cup. Also, we need to win every single game until the end of the season and yes, we can do that, if we play the way we know we can play. The only difficult games are with the gunners and man Utd and both of them are at WHL.
  14. Bazza47

    Bazza47 Well-Known Member

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    I actually thought we looked better in the second half, despite being down to 10, and if Kane could have got his a**e in gear, things might have been different...
  15. Bazza47

    Bazza47 Well-Known Member

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    So Poch could tell in 50 seconds whether we're set up right and our mind is right.

    So I'm no PL manager, but here's what I would have done BEFORE the start of those 50 seconds.

    No Davies or Dier. Walker at right side centre back, Trippier in front of him. Son instead of Davies.

    At this level pace is essential, we so lacked it, but you also need a quality delivery, and we would have been far better served by Son and Trippier from the start.

    Simple mistakes, only one striker and Alli. How he didn't break that guys leg is a mystery. Truly disgusting. I think we played better without him, but were stretched on the break.

    Oh, and we're not good enough...this was Gent after all. FFS.

    PS Personally we can do without the EL more games to win it. Forget it, move on. I'm not disappointed to be out of it, only that we showed so badly......
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  16. Bazza47

    Bazza47 Well-Known Member

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    Evening Matt....Very harsh on Dembele and to some extent Eriksen
  17. Big fran Guest

    What a load of nonsense. Over two legs not good enuf. But battered these boys at Wembley Kane's finishing was woeful. A team on comparison to Sutton ****ing behave yourself. They were a champions league side last year and made a decent fist of it too. Alli cost us dear as did the substitution of dembele again around the 70 main mark. He is by far the best cm in league and bossed the game and once replaced the game went away from us. We are seeing him replaced week in week out for winks who looks a talent but at present is just neat and tidy sideways backwards and occasionally forwards nothing more than that (akin to tom Carroll four yr ago may I suggest) he doesn't have the power strength and ball carrying capability of the moose. Wanyama should have been sacrificed for Jansen and gone 3 4 2 when chasing the game. Agree also eriksen rating poor. Trippier not in same league as kyle but ample bk up.
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