Poch hints at Cup surrender. Fulham Vs Spurs Preview

Discussion in 'Featured' started by Mattj78, February 18, 2017.

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  1. Mattj78

    Mattj78 Well-Known Member

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    I said after the Liverpool game that it was vital that Spurs focused on trying to win the upcoming cup games. Play strong teams and go all out to win.
    On Thursday we went to Belgium and it was a strong ish team. Although when Sissoko starts it looks weak straight away.
    We were awful. We lost. So now we head to Fulham on Sunday and we need to win and put in a good performance. A loss would really put pressure on Spurs and with Gent coming to a likely half empty Wembley stadium the following Thursday , we need to get back to winning ways.

    So I must admit to being worried that Poch has hinted at changes for Sunday's game. Fulham must be looking at the game as a great opportunity to take a big scalp and if we field a weak team, we could get embarrassed.

    So, in a change to the usual routine, I am going to offer 2 line ups. First the one I would hope we play and second the one I fear Poch may play.

    Lloris, Walker, Alderweireld, Davies, Dier, Wanyama, Dembele, Alli, Winks , Eriksen, Kane

    Vorm, Trippier, Wimmer, Carter - Vickers, Davies, Onomah, Son, Winks, Eriksen, Janssen, Alli.
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  3. WHL Guest

    Sad thing is... the way we're playing now, I don't see either of those sides winning tbh
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  4. Taidi Mc Guest

    Let's dump the cups and make top 4 the priority. The cups are a lottery and anyway winning the EL is a hard slog. If we blow the top four we can say goodbye to Deli, Rose and possibly Kane. That's the worst case scenario
  5. Greavesie08 Guest

    My God, no wonder the EPL is the cash cow it is and our teams are **** in Europe with some of the *****s who support it. Finishing 2nd/3rd/4th does NOT get you a medal or a trophy. Actually winning something DOES. It makes my blood boil seeing ******** comments like ditching cup games as if it's beneath us...we even had the temerity to f around with our team selection in the UCL !!
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  6. Gio Guest

    Wembley is almost sold out so it shold be a good atmosphere. We will win the return leg and we will beat Fulham and then everything will be alright. Be positive.
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  7. Yid4Life Guest

    I'm off to Wembley on Thurs, hoping for a positive response from the lads which I'm sure they will give. But we got to go for it, with the strongest possible/available team, hopefully Jan will be back to help shore up the defence which looks a little fragile at the moment
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  8. Aarif Malik Guest

    My view is that our defense has been the problem. In the absence of Vertonghen, Rose, and Alderwereld at different times, we've not played our game, which we do from the back, in addition to having a weak defence. Solve the back four problem and we should be good like earlier.
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  9. Gio Guest

    Yup I'm off to Wembley too. £10 seats you can't complain about that.
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  10. 71yid

    71yid Member

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    In view of tomorrows match, im a little concerned that we might struggle against a decent home side like Fulham. The FA cup has/needs to be a priority now with the possible failure of challenging for the title and a Europa campaign that im personally not in favour of at this moment in time. Our defence has obviously been key to our consistency until recently and when we have "shown" up in big games, occasionally we look the real deal but there is still that lack of something from the side and all too often we have capitulated against sides when it mattered with the performance, or should i say lack of, at Anfield last sat being an obvious example. I understand that our hands are tied financially at the moment due to the new stadium etc and our chairmans refusal to fork out excess on certain players which might make us title winners at long last. This season and last for me is reminiscent of a campaign way back in 1984/85 when we collapsed going into the final part of that season and Everton going on to win the league. We had, like now, shown promise that season and but for injuries and mental attitude, might have landed the holy grail. I sincerely hope the remainder of this season doesnt fizzle out with the all too familiar thought of what might have been among players and fans alike! Coys!
  11. Robbie Guest

    Couldnt agree more , we need to start winning things and quick , were getting like arsenal now , all about top 4 and nothing else matters !! Football is about trophies !!!!
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  12. key Guest

    it's not just the back the middle not making easy the front not pinching the ball got to slack thinking its easy

    as for your line ups dream on
  13. Felon82 Well-Known Member Blogger

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    If your gonna throw cup games every season when it gets interesting then what's the point of playing any 1st 11 from the start?
    What's the point of charging fans to come and watch?
    What's the point of 'taking part'?

    It's ridiculous that we as a club can't give minimum the league and 1 cup full attention.

    2 points separate us from 6th, Chavs r out of site, City have got their act together, because we are perennial bottlers the Scum will finish above us that leaves 4th spot, And at this moment in time both Pool and Utd look more likely to put a run together than we do.

    I have written before about pre season objectives and strategy. Every season is the same from us no clear direction.

    It's have a half arsed go at all and fall short on every front because of the previous failure. You'd think they'd learn at some point but then again we still think we can score strolling around on the half way line.

    There's no point in having 'the game is about Glory' plastered about when you don't win anything.
    Perhaps it should be changed to 'are we there yet'

    I wonder what utter dross filled slop they'll serve up tomorrow.
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