PLAYER RATINGS: Tottenham 2-1 Man Utd

Discussion in 'Featured' started by Jack Kennedy, May 14, 2017.

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  1. Jack Kennedy

    Jack Kennedy New Member

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    What a send-off to our famous stadium. Every player gave 110%. The atmosphere was something else and Harry Kane is now the last Spurs player to score at White Hart Lane. Perfect.

    Lloris -8- Not much to do for Hugo, which is normally the story for him at the Lane this season. Was reliable as ever to play out from the back.

    Trippier- 8- Another extremely impressive display from our “Backup” right back. Was maybe a bit suspect for Utd’s goal but another solid display.

    Alderweireld- 8- Every week this man shows his class. So classy on the ball and solid as a rock at the back. So good.

    Vertonghen- 9- Our most consistent player this season. He's been incredible all season and he showed that again today. Brilliant stuff.

    Davies- 9- By far Davies’ best performance in a Tottenham shirt. Brilliant going forward and coming back. Really impressive stuff from the Welshman.

    Dier-8- Dier has had a really solid second half of the season. He has switched between midfield and defence but has been really good.

    Wanyama-9- What. A. Header. This man has always stepped up in the big matches this season. Not only did he get the opening goal but he was a monster in the middle of the park. Beast.

    Son -7- Not one of Sonny’s best performances but he still had a decent match. This showed when he was replaced by Mousa mid-way through the second half.

    Dele-9- I thought he was magnificent today. Never gave the Utd back line a second to breath and he was just superb going forward.

    Eriksen-9- Our player of the season put in a performance worthy of that title. Grabbed a beautiful assist for the winner with a whipped in free kick.

    Kane – 9- He's one of our own. He's one of our ownnnnnnn Harry Kane he's one of our own. Last Spurs player to score at White Hart Lane. Just. So. Perfect.

    Dembele, Walker, Nkoudou
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  3. DaveNChas Guest

    If only everyday could be like this, feel like this, end like this... what a wonderful thing life would be.

    If I had the choice of being a chavski fan, with a Russian billionaire buying a zero glory title for me to cheer for... or being a Yid and watching real football, seeing true glory & feeling so honoured & proud as I do today.

    I would say give me the latter every day of the week... you can keep fake glory, you can shove bankrolled titles where the sun don't shine.

    I'm Tottenham till I die, the plastics cant grasp this & thankfully they never will.
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  4. Bazza47

    Bazza47 Well-Known Member

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    To see the ground full an hour after the match says it all. A fitting performance to finish off a stunning season for the team, the Club and The Lane. The atmosphere was amazing and I shed a few tears when the Legends came on. Just to think I've seen all of them play....Stellar
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  5. barney Guest

    that says it all Bazza what chocked me most was seeing Terry Dyson struggling to walk on the pitch a pitch he used to run around like a greyhound a true unsung legend C.O.Y.S
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  6. Bazza47

    Bazza47 Well-Known Member

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    Was sad, but he's still with us and would have loved being there as much as we were to see him.
  7. guesty Guest

    it was a shame not to see Gazza....Lineker...Klinsmann.......Fenwick....ok kidding on that one
    and a few managers would have been nice

    BUT....the thing for me is that once the new stadium is in place....we are still going to the Lane.
    They can call it what they like....but the route to the ground won't change. the walking about before the game won't change. assume everyone will do exactly what they do
    ....we aren't moving location which is huge

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  8. Big fran Guest

    Was a fitting send off and a victory v the worlds biggest club side....Wanyama my player of season and who else but harry with the goals. Perfick!
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