It's time to Gent real! Gent v Spurs player ratings

Discussion in 'Featured' started by Mattj78, February 16, 2017.

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  1. Mattj78

    Mattj78 Well-Known Member

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    I really want to stop saying that we have no strength in depth. So I will instead start with saying we have no tactics!!

    We had an off day at Anfield. So what was tonight? It simply reaffirmed that we need investment in the summer yet again. Which under Levy will not happen.

    We couldn't pass, we couldn't attack. How many times can Kane tweet that we will bounce back?

    Lloris- 6 Great save onto the post but he gave away a corner when under no pressure, and kicked a ball straight out of play in the first half. He looks low in confidence and needs the armband taking away.

    Walker- 6 Without Rose on the other side he looks lost. As an experienced member of the team he should lead by example. But doesn't.

    Dier- 4 A talent that gets moved around more times than a Tetris block. I feel sorry for him and blame the manager for his poor form.

    Alderweireld- 7 He has to be made captain.

    Davies- 4 Poor guy. Slow. No positional sense.

    Sissoko- 1 Its not his fault we paid 30 million for him. But he was awful. Terrible performance and if we get 20 million for him that will be a result.

    Wanyama- 6.

    Winks- 7 Best player for Spurs tonight. Says a lot.

    Alli-6 He looked frustrated tonight. He was looking for support but there was none.

    Dembele - 4 Awful.

    Kane - 5 Not his fault but can't score without service.
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  3. guesty Guest


    Wouldn't bother me if they....and Sissoko....and Nkoudou... never put the shirt on again
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  4. Del Guest

    wouldnt bother me if the pilot left the team in Belgium!!!
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  5. Del Guest

    Just when I thought they couldn't put a worse performance in then what they did at anfield and that includes the manager ...totally and utterly clueless and I'm guessing that we will be out of both cups by the end of the week!! Another sloppy,spursy bottleless performance sissoko,Davies,dier,nkoudou,eriksen and so on.....not good enough!!!
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  6. ARTHUR GRAY New Member

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    I have been a Spurs fan for over 40 years. And sadly Kane is NO way near to Chivers, the iconic striker. Long way off.
    Chivers was a good poacher. Whereas Kane isn't.
    The performance against Gent. Is not acceptable, and its no good Poch saying anything like a Mid season crisis. Absolute tosh. Its no good buying players for millions and they are rubbish. He has bought Janssen. He hasn't played a full 90 minutes. Play him up front with Kane, and he can work off him.
    All this One striker up front is rubbish.

    Its about time Poch / Levy got rid of players that he DOESNT want.
    Spurs fans want players to give 110% per week, if they don't perform to that performance, then drop them - simple.
    Our season could be over if we don't beat Fulham, after tonights performance. We could be going out. And knowing our Wembley luck it could be finnito
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  7. Felon82 Well-Known Member Blogger

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    I don't know what's going on at the moment but it's certainly not right.

    Yes Jan and Rose are out but it seems like our 'attack' has completely died out.

    What has it come to when your LB is your most attacking player and with out him the team can't function going forward?

    Poch and the players should be ashamed of themselves serving up such utter dross.

    How can it be possible to be so devoid of a game plan?
    There's no shape, no pace, no quick thought in pass, movement is non existent what a shambles.
    And what's worse and unforgivable is that it doesn't even look like they care about trying to win the game.

    How they can have the nerve to parade around like they're too big for the competition or they've bigger fish to fry when they have done absolutely sweet F**k All to back it up.

    We should be renamed Nearly Enough fc because that's all we'll ever be.
    Same every f*cking season.
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  8. ScottR Guest

    Haven't watched all of the game but agree that tactics are definitely part of the problem. Too many times they work the ball forward then back like a machine. Only Winks seems to always think forward. Wanyama is great on defense but cannot flow with attack...may as well be a CB.

    Anway, 3-4-1-2 next game
    3 -Trippier, Toby, Jan (or Wimmer NOT Davies..ever..again)
    4 - Walker, Dier (he's not cutting it at CB), Winks, and N'Koudou(has had way too few chances)
    1 - Alli OR Christian
    2 - Son AND Janssen (Kane - hurt?)
  9. Cheshuntboy Guest

    I don't know whether comparisons between Pochettino and AVB are fair, but I can't help remembering the praise lavished on AVB in his first season for supposedly instilling method and organisation into Redknapp's 'run abaht a bit' regime, but it didn't last, and the 'Spursyness' that Pochettino has been credited with abolishing by so many fans desperate to see what they want to see, is seemingly back with a vengeance. Like AVB, Pochettino shows little if any flexibility, and while his misadventures in the transfer market aren't yet comparable to the 'magnificent seven' debacle that AVB presided over, the likes of Sissoko, Janssen, Fazio, N'Jie et al don't exactly inspire confidence in his judgement - whatever he is, the 'best manager in the PL' (as SAF famously described him - didn't he recommend Moyes to take over from him at United by the way?) Pochettino certainly isn't. Will he see out his five-year 'project'? Given that it seems to have stalled, I've got my doubts.
  10. papillon Guest

    In reply to Arthur Gray's comment I remember when Billy Nicholson dropped Chivers and made him watch Geoff Hurst when we played West Ham at WHL not that long after Spurs bought Chivers from Southampton. Why did Billy Nick do that? So that Chivers could watch and learn from a complete centre forward! Chivers, in Nicholson's opinion wasn't working hard enough! Chivers did go to have a brilliant spell at Spurs, but "was often seen as a lethargic and lazy player,[9] but his pace and natural strength established 'Big Chiv' as a star of the Spurs side and England throughout the early 1970s."

    Chivers had more natural ability than Kane and more pace. For such a big man he also had tremendous balance; he seemed to glide over the pitch. Kane, by comparison, looks clumsy.
  11. papillon Guest

    I still think Spurs are punching above their weight at 3rd place (currently) in the EPL. Why? Well they haven't the financial clout of Man City, Man Utd, Chelsea, Liverpool, or Arsenal. They haven't the strength in depth of these 5 clubs because they cannot afford to pay £100k+ per week for squad players to sit on the bench. That might change when we get the new stadium.
    Supporters are expecting too much. If you want success and players on the bench earning over £100k per week go support Chelsea, Man Utd, or Man City!
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  12. The question is what are these guys doing in training re tactics and playmaking that they can't put a better product on the pitch each and every games?
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  13. Del Guest

    How's Jansen meant to improve if he can't even make the bench ??? I wud love to see Edwards and kaziah sterling chucked into the team jst to freshen things up and add pace!
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  14. Lewis-Joe Guest

    I think it's so easy to explain why we are **** atm. Need to revert to a back3 again simple. We were banging em in then! Why change it? Yes injuries but cud play Trippier, wimmer, to name just 2! Our squad is weak and we are getting found out. Teams are pressing us and we can't handle it at all. Hence again for 3at the back, full back push right up. I don't wnna slate Poch but I must admit he seems tactically inept and often his subs are poor too. Where's the plan b? We never have one it seems! I'd play 3at the back against Fulham and also give Jannsen a full 90mins with that system, give Kane a break. COYS
  15. Dace Member

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    Errr .... Not surprising really .
    We really have lost our way, perhaps this is down to Poch playing the same tactics game in game out?
    Or, perhaps the players are really not that good ?

    The problem to most of us fans as I see it, is that the players seem not to care ?!!??
    They (with the odd exception) do not seem to put a shift in, as in closing down the opposition, like Liverpool and Gent have done to us. We are slow and lethargic closing down and entirely predictable moving forward.

    Really getting bored being such a critic of our team, along with everyone here, please Tottenham give us something to be proud of .
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  16. Tommy Guest

    Another embarrassing performance when we were expecting a reaction after the last dross we were served up and against a second rate belgian outfit! it's simple why we we get beat, if we get pressed we haven't got a clue to play against it! if we have space then we are ok and can create chances but if pressed we are clueless! Poch has to combat this or we will keep losing! our energy levels last night were low compared to them how can we be tired? the passing is slow and ponderous which allows us to get pressed easy and loose possession and there is a lack of creativity and pace in the side, also we are still relying on Kane to shoulder the burden, our squad is not good enough and there seems to be a lack of urgency to win games etc etc etc. Back to being the good old Spurs!
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  17. Bazza47

    Bazza47 Well-Known Member

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    I can relate to the Kane observation.....when he's good he's very, very good and when he's bad he's horrid.....
  18. Bazza47

    Bazza47 Well-Known Member

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    We know that is close to the truth, but it's so difficult to understand why, away from The Lane, we are so bad. Compared to recent seasons, our on the road form has been shocking. Take the three 4 goal away wins out of the list and the rest is diableedingbolical....
  19. As a neutral I happened to watch the last 3 spurs matches and having the following observations
    1) players in trophy winning teams press the opposition to get the ball back. Spurs do not do this.
    2) The bench is too weak to cope with suspensions in the second half of a busy season.
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  20. Bazza47

    Bazza47 Well-Known Member

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    All of that which has unfolded in front of us over these last two games is of no surprise....because...

    - we do have injuries to key players, so if your squad is thin, being down 2/3/4 key players makes a much greater impact on the quality of the team

    - form is down on a number of players...Dire Dire....Alli, Harry, Son......Hugo even, Wanyama, Dembele....they look lost

    - tactics...why, when three at the back has served us so well have we dropped it. For me if we'd persevered with Wimmer as left in the 3, with Davies as the wing back, whilst it may not be the best, it must surely be better than what we offered up last night and Saturday.

    We are all over the place, yet there is truth in the views shared here that we have performed well above ourselves, given the resources available to us. But we must use what we've got better.

    I think I'd go with Vorm, Dier, Toby, Wimmer, Trippier, Winks, Dembele, Alli, NKD, Janssen, Kane, always assuming we're trying to win it...

    A very painful watch, wasn't it.....ffs

  21. Norfolk Dpur Guest

    At last Poch has taken my advice (posted here after the Liverpool debacle) and played Winks instead of Eriksen, and he was the best player by some distance. Sadly Poch also played Sissy which was not so clever. The back line was awful without Rose and Jan, Dier looks to be half the player of last season, Wanyama lost the ball far too many times, and Dumbell didn't seem to know where he was half the time. Kane and Dele tried but we're hassled off the ball by sheer numbers, and the subs were even worse than those replaced. I hope the pigeon on the roof has recovered from the Eriksen attempt on goal! All in all, FAR too slow and ponderous, and once again, LACK OF DESIRE AND COMMITTMENT. Let's have some of the youngsters in for Sunday's roast(ing). Aaaaaaarggh!!!
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