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Discussion in 'Featured' started by Bazza47, August 29, 2017.

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  1. Bazza47

    Bazza47 Well-Known Member

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    Here we are Yiddo's, all feeling more than a little anxious about what is going on around us and, I sense, that the Rose effect is having a rippling effect through the dressing room.

    Say I'm Dele, talented, rated, scores goals, got an edge to him as well. Goes to join the England squad, chats around, Sterling, Lingard, Walker even. All wearing their latest bling, driving their latest cars. Same for Toby with Lukaku. This has to affect them. Surely it's difficult for it not to.

    So Levy's view is Dele was happy to sign a new contract last year, but the thing about a good salary hike, is that it satisfies you only until you find out that somebody you feel is less capable than you is earning shed loads more. It's human nature.

    With Levy he's always going to be behind the curve, it's in his DNA.

    Now for me the real worry is that we are on a car crash with this. I've long felt that moving to Wembley was not going to enhance our chances of securing Champions League for 2017-18. So that leaves us in a sparkling new stadium, with an underpaid squad of talented footballers, all wanting to enhance their pension pot. Why not, after all it's all very well enjoying your football in the best stadium in the UK, but at the end of the day you trade your value for playing at the elite level and being paid appropriately.

    This isn't complicated for me, it's simple. The numbers aren't difficult. Does anybody not think Toby is worth £100k per week. Even the Blind Man thinks so.

    Please Daniel do the right thing for the future health of this great football club.

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  3. KiwiJonno Guest

    Toby is worth $100k a week, we should spend some of this transfer money on 'upping' our player wages.. Dont buy any last minute lemons Mr Levy, look after your own!
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  4. Yiddo Guest

    There seems to be a bit of discontent and now it seems Dele is acting like a petulant kid what was that non celebration on Sunday all about? Regarding Toby's situation it seems we have offered him parity with the top earners in a new deal offered to him twice now but Toby apparently wants a buy out clause of £25 million written into his new deal which of course the club are not going to agree to because he will get snapped up too quick if we agree to this clause and that is why he hasn't signed a new deal, there is always a lot going on behind the scenes that we don't know about so it's not just a matter of giving him a pay rise, i believe we have bought Sanchez to replace Toby because of the empass and i can see Toby going, we will get top dollar probably £60 million but what can we do if a player will not sign a new contract because he wants a buy out clause in it? why would we spend £42 million on a back up defender? it doesn't make sense to buy him and treat him like we did with Wimmer, i believe Rose could go aswell, Poch won't put up with that **** and after his little chat with him does he want to stay? i don't think so he was muttering about Man U after his article in the Sun, it seems to have spread to the others with Dele looking pissed off! something has to be done or we could see a mass exodus, it's all player power now and and clubs can try to hold onto there best but if a player doesn't want to be there then eventually they get there move because it poisons the rest of the squad if you keep them and there is a risk of losing out on a big transfer fee! it's a shame its come to this but this is where we are, if players don't want to play for us or want to be with us then they can go elsewhere, Woolwich have the same probs with Sanchez so it's not just us but the tight wage structure and lack of signings from Levy will always hold us back, we can see it and so can the players....i still believe we are punching well above our weight though being in and around the top 4 with our meagre outlay(well no budget really net) so it's not all bad.....Coys!
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  5. kola Guest

    I support you all the way. Most of our players need to earning 100k for their performances in the previous years and the crazy football market. I see a mass exodus of players if care is not taken. Harry, Dele, Toby, Jan, Lloris, Dier, Eriksen, Son, Rose should all be in the 100k bracket. I don't see any reason paying £42 mil for cover player and the rumoured buying of another youth defender we need a creative player and another prolific striker. We don't need to be in a position to panic but cos we had all the time in the world to indenting who we are buying. We don't need another Sissoko but he came in as a substitute on Sunday and played better than son. I believe we will pick up. COYS
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  6. S-P Guest

    1 - anyone who thinks Tottenham, whose resurgence has totally been underpinned by careful financial management, should pay the extra couple of million here, there and everywhere, accept a couple of million less on outgoings here, there and everywhere, and shatter their wage structure for all their players, just really doesn't understand how finance works. There is a reason why the sixth best financed club in the division has the sixth highest wage bill.

    2 - well-respected ITK from within the club says Dele is more than happy ATM, indeed the term "couldn't be happier" was used.

    What this article, and others like it do is perpetuates the notion that the only thing anyone is interested in is money. The history of the World is filled with stories of people who weren't just motivated by money. Harry Kane has said repeatedly that he wants to spend his whole career at Spurs - even though he knows he could earn more elsewhere. The only indication he has ever given that he might consider leaving was when he said that he wanted to be at the Lane just so long as the club continues to progress. Lloris, who has also committed himself personally to Pochettino and the "project" has even said in an interview that what is so great about Harry Kane is that he isn't motivated by money.

    What folk need to ask is just why the media have been so obsessed with our wage bill this summer? And you don't have to look far too find the answer. We have a superb young squad and our rivals, who spend so much more than us, are genuinely afraid that we will be winning the trophies they want and need to win. They have done everything they could with sly tapping up, while we were involved in a title challenge, to unsettle our players. And they have encouraged their friends in the media to do the same. And they have to do it now, because they know that once our stadium is online our revenues will begin to go up, and once our revenues go up our wages will go up. So all this talk of "not being paid enough" is just playing their game. The real question should be just why the club with the sixth highest revenues and, ergo, the sixth highest wage bill, have consistently finished above clubs with much higher revenues, much higher transfer budgets and much higher wage bills, in the last eight seasons? Why have they been paying inflated fees, distorting the market, and bloated (not to say obscene) wages on players and managers who have, basically, underperformed?

    And another thing about wages: the media consistently underreport how much Tottenham pay in wages! They have been caught out doing so. They constantly repeat that Spurs have a wage cap - there is no wage cap, there is a wage structure. This wage structure is linked to paying a percentage of revenues as wages. The percentage Spurs pay is almost exactly that recommend by UEFA. There is a reason we have the sixth highest revenues and the sixth highest wage bill. There are clubs above us in terms of revenues who pay a disproportionate amount in wages as a percentage of revenues, despite warnings of the dangers of doing so. I am sure you can guess who they are - they have the fall back of money they haven't earned to bail them out. These clubs are the real problem, not a sensible club budgeting sensibly. The media constantly claims that Spurs won't pay more than £100,000 PW - but I have heard it said that Kane and Lloris are on more like £120,000 PW and allegedly Levy offered Bale £150,000 PW to stay. The media have been caught stating that a player's wage is what there were getting paid prior to their latest contract. I saw media claims, over the latest furore, that Rose was on £50,000 PW, only when they wanted to emphasize that the club was being nasty to him, by finding him for his nonsense, all of a sudden a fortnight's wages is £130,000. The media also consistently fail to mention that Spurs are very competitive in terms of performance related bonuses.

    Ignore the media BS. There is an agenda behind it, and it is an anti-Spurs agenda. And ignore Danny Rose. He knows club policy full well, has benefited from it, and was more than happy to sign his latest contract extension. I think he has had to much time on his hands getting paid his pathetically small wage while being injured. I also suspect he has been got at in that time! The word was that he was given anything but a hero's welcome the next day in training and it wasn't just Pochettino and the staff who were angry with him!
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  7. Seriously, our players cannot afford bling. I am sure they can if they were on only £40k p w. That is £2 MILLION a year. Jealous of other player's bling!?

    If it is all about money, then Spurs do not stand a chance.
    Give our top 7 or so players at least £100k per week and the rich 3 of Man Utd, Man City, Chelsea will offer £125k per week.
    Ok so up it to £150k pw. Guess what? Rich 3 offers the better 4 of our players £175k pw. Heck why stop there, why not pay Kane £200k pw now, promise the likes of Toby, Eriksen, Dele that after 30 appearances.
    It is worth it for the rich 3 because they can pay that without checking their accounts, they get very decent players (future marketing opportunities in the case of Dele) AND they wreck the gatecrashing Spurs from spoiling their top 4 party.
    Spurs cannot win the game of money. And, no, the theory of Spurs paying several players £100k pw or more will not pacify those players who want more money.

    I am surprised the best players of all the other 80 or so clubs aren't sulking because they "ought" to be on more money.

    I am also surprised that so few Spurs supporters aren't continuously looking for higher paid jobs. Because down there, getting at best an ANNUAL salary of a footballer's weekly wage, an increase of 5% does make a big difference and could mean matching the neighbour's car, holiday choice, television.
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  8. Bazza47

    Bazza47 Well-Known Member

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    I hadn't heard that, but then nor had I seen that he'd been offered £100k pw. Clearly £25m is a nonsense. We'd certainly get £60m, if not more. Would be sad to see such a player go though
  9. Bazza47

    Bazza47 Well-Known Member

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    I wasn't saying he wasn't happy, it's just that he is exposed to the W word on a regular basis, and that must have an unsettling effect, particularly as he and others like him must be tapped up all the time. How does Levy combat that - certainly not by religiously sticking to the % of revenues model, in that with the increasing Sky/BT deal, he must have a good deal of scope to up his retained players Wages.
  10. Felon82 Well-Known Member Blogger

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    Until Levy goes we will remain the Champions of Net Spend and winners of f#ck all else.
    And until his Legion of apologists wake up and start demanding more than being better than the 90s hel get away with it.

    Wot we are seeing starting to unfold is exactly wot I warned about , all whilst being told I'm negative and unrealistic etc.
    Where will all these do Gooder fans be wen the next turnover of players and manager happen due to the total lack of achieving Trophies or getting players?

    How long will they continue to tell us all how great we are and we don't need players or Trophies or to spend on better wages?

    How long are they willing to continue to clap a regime that doesn't return Trophies????? While charging top prices to its fans and putting the bare minimum back in????
    Once the new Stadium is up and running will you still be crying the same mantra or will you be asking for proper signings?

    Not 1 has answered me yet?????

    Happy to attack but can't answer!!!!!!!
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  11. Mick

    Mick Member

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    I do not understand your hatred of ENIC/LEVY. Yes i get frustrated àt times at not winning trophies or buying this or that player. However i do not understand the constant complaining when it is there for all to see the investment off the pitch. Training ground, new stadium and the best team we have had in years. It is a fact that we cannot compete financially with City, Utd . If Toby wants buyout clause of 25m to sign then we have no option but to say no. let us hope that Sanchez will be good enough to replace him if he wants to go. As i have said before we should pay more but there is a limit. This season i expected to be tough following last season's amazing record at home. I would settle for 4th right now if offered and hopefully be able to improve when we get back to White Hart Lane
  12. Felon82 Well-Known Member Blogger

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    Investment off the Pitch, investment in making more money for Enic/Levy, and a higher selling price.

    Arsenal have a relatively shiney new stadium that holds 60k, we will also have 1 that holds about 1500 more seats, is there a need for us to add an extra 450million to our stadium build to incorporate 2 NFL games a year?
    Will that extra investment put us that far ahead of them?
    Have they suddenly become a super power coz they've invested in infrastructure?

    We could still have built a better stadium at a lower cost than the 850mil being touted no doubt , so the extra money that will be held as a stone around our necks for the upcoming 5 years at least is not at our benefit it's to put more selling value or ticket/merchandise profit into Enic not the Team.

    Of course the club needs to grow as a whole organically but to me it seems Enic/Levy neglect the Team and Fans and are more interested in ploughing our money into investments for them and their benefit and just drip feed us enough to be 'competitive' and think and have seemed to convince a number of fans that this is more important.

    Football is not about how clever and prudent 1 can be, while throwing money at everything else but the end product.

    As mentioned earlier are Arsenal any better since they upped their capacity?
    The reason they aren't competing is because they like us have a board that is obsessed with figures and income and don't mind charging through the nose for giving minimal back, as long as the cash keeps rolling in for the owners.
  13. Mick

    Mick Member

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    I also said the best team in years. Have been going to the lane since early 70s and to me this best side since the early 80s. I believe that there has been substantial progress on the pitch under ENIC / LEVY so we will have to agree to disagree
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  14. Bazza47

    Bazza47 Well-Known Member

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    Who could argue with a 3rd followed by a 2nd in the Premier League and the best home performance in living memory, when taking into account that we have balanced our books during the last several years, rare in elite PL sides, that ENIC have got it about right.

    Yet we could have just gone that extra mile, without spending Shed loads of money, by investing in a decent striker, an attacking midfielder and a pacy winger over the past three years.

    Surely we could have found a decent striker to cover for Harry boy, instead of spunking £50m on Sissoko and Janssen, not to mention Lamela and Njie.

    If we get the two full backs using the Wembley width and getting in behind, then we might just avoid needing the winger, but options for Eriksen and Kane would be very comforting, if not rank good sense.

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  15. johnnyhrvat Guest

    Funny how the least deserving of our players is the one that is the instigator of this 'salary unrest'. I would sell Rose to shitty today and when he is totally forgotten at the end of the season it might at least serve as a lesson of what regularly happens at rich clubs.
    When we were kids playing reasonable football, if someone had said that they would pay us 10 grand a week for ca. 15 years for kicking a ball around, we would have signed up straight away. Similarly most of our current players would have done the same - even without the possibility of an increase. Some players think that they could now demand a lot more elsewhere, but would they end up playing football, or just be regular bench warmers, eventually becoming the forgotten men of football who reached above themselves.
    S-P pointed out that if we double our players wages, then the rich clubs will simply double theirs, etc. etc. and your season ticket will soon be costing 10 grand a season. The money has to come from somewhere. Football would then be too expensive for the likes of us and stadiums would either be filled with the 'prawn-sandwich brigade' or they would be empty.
    Question - If a sheik or oligarch bought our starting X1 today and paid them double what they are currently being paid, would they win the league this season? I doubt it.
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