By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail

Discussion in 'Featured' started by Felon82, July 3, 2017.

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  1. Del Guest

    I agree with u but also we can't watch our rivals all strengthen and we don't, I wud love to see carter.vickers,onamah,winks,sterling and Edwards get more game time and push for a starting place but we can't wait another 5 years to win a trophy so we need to make a statement i.e. Pull a genuine proven Worldy out of the bag or like I said before yes it's difficult to find a better 11 but signings like Hernandez, Barkley that have prem experience and proven will give us more quality in depth without blocking our youths pathway! Anyway bale will be anounced as our top summer signing on the day we open our new stadium ??? I wish lol coys

  2. jod Guest

    I get really fed up with these rants, moaning about not spending more money as if that was an end in itself while not explaining where that money is coming from. Three clubs just in the premier league spent more on wages last season than our entire income. They get first pick of the available talent, you don't build a squad by signing their rejects at sky high prices. The way we are being run has enabled us to punch above our current weight. The new stadium will eventually allow us to compete on more even terms. But to some people none of that matters, much better to just throw cash down the drain on players that aren't any better than the ones we already have.
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    What is up with these anti spenders?
    Last summer we spent close to 60 mil on a load of sh;te who did nothing to enhance the team.
    60 mil that could've/should've brought us more quality.
    It is the incessant dilly dallying that makes our money spending counter productive.
    So don't act like we don't have money to spend it's just the refusal to spend it on what we need and being ambitious/pro active in the market.
    Not burying yer head in the sand and then wondering why there's no one left.
    Some fans may see falling short as success and Base their barometer on what was served up in the 90s (still won as many trophies and still a more prestigious 1 than the last 16 wonder years of enic rule has given us though) but believe when I say top quality professionals aren't gonna stay content for long which is why we need to improve the areas we are short and look to improve/push the quality that we have.

    Anti spending, Anti Improving, Satisfied/over the moon with being nearly men-

    I sometimes wonder what planet some Spurs fans are on.

    Sheringham, Carrick, Berbatov, Modric, Bale ...... All left to pursue Trophies not to be part of a PROJECT.

    Failure to improve/win things and you'll soon see Kane etc following the same route.
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