By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail

Discussion in 'Featured' started by Felon82, July 3, 2017.

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  1. Felon82 Well-Known Member Blogger

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    It must be transfer window time because every other club seems to be doing business identifying and acquiring their targets while Tottenham Hotspur's chief is nowhere to be found.

    Yes people it's that time of year where the club lays dormant. Posturing, playing the ultimate game of poker, tabling bids 10/20 mil short of the asking/going rate being rebuffed and then going back into a reconnaissance mission of hide and seek before circling the mill pond of dying talent to pick whatever bones are left after the rest of the animal kingdom has feasted.

    Starting the season short, with rumours still a swirl and making a last gasp signing (that 9 times out of 10 turns out to be a dud at an inflated price.)

    Yep, that's the tried and tested method of transfer approach that's served us so well over the years.
    All while others simply do business with each other.

    Poch and his infamous pre season fitness regime needs new players in at the start not at the end or when we're already games into the season to get up to speed and adapt.

    How many seasons now have we suffered due to a slow start and the unrest/pending transfers/sagas/inactivity etc and then looked back knowing it was because of this?

    We fell short last season and the season before and even more so previous, the club needs to build and use this current situation as a spring board to kick on.

    We need to sign some quality players to take us up that little extra it's imperative that we move forward.
    There is a lot resting on this season standing still and dawdling is not an option as the saying goes- By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.

    Wake up Levy and Poch show some bloody ambition - do what's right or we will suffer the consequences!
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  3. couldnt agree more we will be lucky to finish in the Top 6 if we fail to sign anyone Half decent as Chelsea Man City Everton Man Utd and Arsenal are all delving into the market with some solid additions. Levy will do us over YET AGAIN with his bloody stupid policies
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  4. Billytheyid Guest

    Every single summer we have the same issue. What our beloved leader is failing to grasp is if the product isn't right on the pitch then he may as well have left whl as it was because he will not fill the new ground, and his cheese room will not help the club move forward as much as another striker and a couple of speedy attacking options
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  5. ChrisGeorge New Member

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    I suggest you calm down, lads: the transfer window has been open two-and-a-bit days. If you are relying on Sky Sports or the tabloids for your information, your expectations are going to go up and down like a fiddler's elbow.
    Poch and Levy know what they are doing - give 'em time!
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  6. Sensible One Guest

    I think since Poch has been there we have started the transfers earlier. Yes we are still doing business at the 11th hour, but I still think getting Sissoko was more to do with stopping Everton getting him and strengthening their squad and doing that business at the last minute meant they couldn't do any decent business. Now we can sell Sissoko abroad.
    I think as Levy tried with the transfer of Bale and Özil, there is room to stop others doing business as well. Although it didn't work with Özil and the scum got their man in the last minutes of the dead line. Levy probably has got several players on the end of a string and it depends on which who he reels in and who he let's go in the end, but as long as these players are on the end of a string, then very likely it's keeping some teams away from them.
    I think the biggest mistake was spending all the Bale money too quickly.
    I'm glad I'm not negotiating.
    Watch us rise!
  7. Manc_Spur Guest

    Yep, spot on and agree with everything written. Of course we have the new stadium build to deflect from another underwhelming transfer window. Whilst the giants were asleep for two seasons, we made it to 2nd place. Utd, City, Pool, Cheslki, LeArse and even Everton will give us a run for our (lack of) money. I think our dis-illusioned owners think we are now confirmed top-table material. Failure to strengthen and kick-on will come back and bite us on the derriere. IMO, no additions in this windows will see us miss out on top-4...but the books will be balanced and Levy will earn another hike in his bonus.
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  8. Lambert Guest

    Simple these guys get paid loads we have gone from an almost relegated team to 2nd levy and co will come good for sure there no doubt about it they are in charge for a reason believe in your club not just the 11 on field but the whole team every single person trying to make our team into an incredible team that is capable of being in the elite
  9. Spursader Guest

    Heyzeus Christi. Cry me a river. Please. A champion team will always beat a team of champions. We dont need to spend billions of dollars like ALL the teams around us DO. How many players from the other top 6 teams would displace any of our starters? Sweet we are looking for back up players. Like we will over spend to achieve this. And i still cant believe people are bitching over Daniel Levy. Where were we when he took over. Lucky to be in the top half of the table. And now!!! pull your heads in and Trust the guys in charge.
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  10. Manc_Spur Guest

    Spursader, Sorry fellow-yid, I knew someone will raise the point about how 'well' the club has done under Enic's tenure and the credit being heaped on Daniel. I can't dispute that we have a solvent club and HAS progressed under his stewardship. However, I think that is exactly how he (Daniel) wants us to look at ENIC. Perhaps someone should remind him how many trophies we have won during his time, or how many managers have been turned over, how many players slipped through our net 'cos of his last minute shenanigans. Also, seeing how well we've done during Poch's short time with us, does Poch not deserve a better transfer kitty and a more timely recruitment to get the squad ready for the next challenge? IMO, Levy has done well to get all the detractors off his back (thanks mainly to Poch). But don't take it for granted that we are here (top-4) to stay. There are another 19 teams that will be trying their hardest to spoil the party. Out of top-4 and Levy lynch mob will return in force! Just to balance things, I do believe our current squad is 'good enough' to make another push, but imo, not without supplementing the depth....with quality and not with players that will need another season to adapt.

    BTW, quite like this forum.....may join!
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  11. Big fran Guest

    I never anticipated much transfer activity tbh given the new stadium and the fact that the starting 11 difficult to improve upon unless you are prepared to pay upward of £50m and pay players more than the top earner at the club.
    However I would have expected one maybe two players to be identified and signed promptly. It may still happen..probably won't..
    Barkley is a player I like but don't necessarily NEED. I would wait and drive the price down.
    My biggest concern is to keep what we have rather than selling to our rivals and then having to seek replacements. To sell walker to a direct rival who badly need a right bk is suicide for me!!
    IMO we need a right sided centre half as jk up to Toby and a quality winger who scores goals and could maybe play up top if Jansen continue to struggle.
    I think poch will promote Vickers, walker-peters to the first team fold, more game time to onomah and lamela and winks return from injury rather than buy. If sissoko,walker, wimmer,nkoudou and Jansen where to be sold then obviously he will have to sign a direct replacement.
  12. Tlg Guest

    I am more worried about losing players than buying players!
  13. Alex Guest

    People need to do some thinking.

    1) We already have a squad with very few weaknesses. So spending for the sake of it is pointless. Name the first team player you want replaced and who you'd replace them with. Difficult isn't it?

    2) other top 6 sides are operating on turnover 2 and 3 times what Spurs have. We try and sign a player that Chelsea want, you can forget about it because they will blow Spurs away money-wise.

    3) Any "top top" player will want more money than Spurs currently pay. Why should the new guy get more than Lloris, Toby, Dele or Kane? You start down that route and team morale will crumble.

    4) Spurs are taking on heavy debt to pay the stadium, which means they are answerable to the bank for decisions made. Reckless spending will cause problems in the boardroom.

    5) We have a top draw youth set up. A key selling point to the best talent is that there is a path to the first team, unlike at Chelsea. So buying a player who blocks a kid like Winks off now might make the Bale of the future think twice about joining us aged 13.

    6) the market is stupid. £30m for Sissoko was a disgrace. Anyone wanting us to spend £50m on nonentities like Josh King or Barkley need a slap.

    7) You honestly think Poch and Levy don't have plans? That they never discuss this **** and that on August 28th they'll suddenly be surprised that the windiw's nearly closed? I remember when we thought we were blessed because we had one decent defender. This is the best Spurs squad we've had in ages. Enjoy it and don't pretend we need huge surgery when it's abundantly clear we don't.
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  14. Johny Guest

    Everything that as been said is very true.The last few month of the season we were missing rose and lamela and still looked great but we just need a few squad players with cup and champions league matches to play.Who could we sign that would replace any of our first eleven,not many out there at a reasonable price.I am a spurs fan but i must admit i love the way everton are dealing with the window.They have looked at what they need,gone out and pushed them through,and its all ready for pre- season.Spurs as usual ,how much for the goaly,4m,offer 2m,no way,offer 2m and 55pence, u know what i mean.If u really want a player pay the price or move on.I would have liked us to have signed sandro,5m (everton got him) and bruma,12m,thats 17m for 2 player that are used to playing in europe and good back up player,we could keep our 17m back up striker for another season to see if it works out.All sorted for 17m,but we will wait until last minute and pay over the odds for a player no better than the 2 i have mentioned, that will miss all pre-season.
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  15. Del Guest

    It still early days yet but I think we ain't that far short of a trophy winning team maybe Barkley under poch we'll the player he cud be and I think hernandez wud be a great signing we cud either keep Jansen and maybe loan him to palace under de boer for a season ??? Spend some cash on quality like draxler,renato Sanchez or even a loan for james Rodriguez ???? Jst some of my ideas without really blocking the path for our youth players coming through jst more quality in depth needed. Coys
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  16. Felon82 Well-Known Member Blogger

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    No one is saying major surgery is needed , but what is Abundantly clear that we need more than a quality 1st 11 if we are to make a success of our current position.

    With the wages we pay how long do you think the Allis Eriksens Alderwerilds Kane's etc are gonna be content with coming up just short when they can go elsewhere and pick up trophies that we clearly don't know how to win?

    Ask yourself this if your plying your trade at the top level and getting little tangible reward for it are you going to be happy?
    Would you not want to see your club prove its ambition to you just as much as you are giving to the cause?

    Winks has shown promise but that's about it, Sissoko and Lamela are a joke, Jansen for his effort hasn't cut it.

    What's with the anti improving the side with some quality?

    The game has moved way on from a good 1st 11, we need credible options and competition 2/3 signings with some sales is healthy for a Squad is it not?
  17. Alex Guest

    I'm not against buying players. I enjoy the thrill of a big signing as much as the next man. I'm saying there's far too many people who treat the transfer window like a competition in itself and make a massive fuss when we don't spend the deficit of a small African country, regardless of whether or or it improves the team. I'd say the club's being better run now than it has been at any point in my lifetime right now.

    Incidentally we do have a pretty decent squad, which is what makes trying to improve it difficult. There are actually two decent options in most positions on the team. That makes buying replacements hard. If you're an attacking midfielder and you're not better than Eriksen, Dele, Son, Lamela and all the rest of them, then you're going to be a squad player who rarely gets a look in. Is that what you'd want? Probably not. So adding depth isn't actually very easy because, say, that Sandro guy can see he'll get game time at Everton that he won't at Spurs.

    It's all very well demanding that we pay more in salaries but a) players do keep signing contracts so there's probably a bonus system / signing on system being played which makes staying at Spurs worthwhile and b) again, we're not operating on the same financial planet as our competitors so you're asking them to do things they might not be able to do yet.

    Why would players stay at such a dreadful place? Well: it seems a very happy camp. They improve every year. They're well paid. They're within touching distance of huge success. If you're Poch and Levy maybe with s young team the thinking is that the improvements a bunch of 24 years olds on the way up make naturally just by playing together and learning is more valuable than going out and paying over the odds for Davy Klassen.

    I'm absolutely sure that whether they go out and spend £200m or £2m, this team will once again step up another level and drag us fans, kicking and screaming, to another successful season.
  18. Del Guest

    I see u made some points about other teams having more financial power but nobody seems to mention that our club is owned by a multi-billionaire in joe Lewis so why is it we don't pay top dollar???
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  19. Del Guest

    Does anyone ever wonder when u read that we can't compete financially and don't pay top wages ? Aren't we owned by a multi-billionaire in joe Lewis??? Jst wondered if u think the same lol???
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  20. Justin Guest

    I'm usually a fan of this blog, however this article got to me a bit. What business do we really need to get done in a rush? It's easy to get over excited when the transfer window is open, I myself have been guilty of scouring the internet in hopes that I will find out we are signing a name like Bale or Griezman, but let's face it - that isn't going to happen. Everyone would love a marquee signing but if you really think about it, do we need one? Where do we improve the squad without paying 50+ million on a player?

    We don't need a big name striker - there is nobody available that could generate returns like Kane

    There is a lot of talk about needing a match winner, however time and time again over the past 2/3 seasons, Kane, Eriksen and Alli have all stepped up to steal vital goals late on (even Son at times last season)

    Midfield two - who realistically do you bring in that is more effective than Wanyama, or better on the the ball than dembele?

    Defence - our strongest area, Jan And Toby look solid in front of an irreplaceable Hugo. Dier looks comfortable along side them, perhaps all we would need is a back up for Trippier if Walker leaves.

    I agree an argument could be made that we that we could do with an injection of pace up top, a Sanè or Manè type, but this isn't essential, continue to build and introduce the youth players this he been refreshing to see the last couple of years.

    As always
  21. Manc_Spur Guest

    Alex, You make some good points which are also very positive....errm....sounding. Let me just present my argument....

    IMO, there is a risk the way we are 'trying' to move forward. In theory and from a financial standpoint, we are doing well, punching well above our weight under Poch. It also happens to suit Levy and ENIC. I feel there is an air of euphoria building up amongst us Spurs fans (rightly so) for the style of football, the youth, flamboyance the recognition, the table doen't lie, the accolades, etc which, whilst makes us proud, imo, creates a bit of a tunnel vision. Nothing goes up in a straight line!. We can only visualise all the positives, we assume the team will mature together, the players will remain loyal, financial incentives won't be an issue, players will not go through bad patches, no injuries, Poch will be forever with us, no one will suss out our philosophy, the other big guns will not improve, etc, etc ...... oh, and Levy won't want to cash in on the odd asset!

    Now think out of the box. We have got so used to our players and consider them to be irreplaceable....really? Peeps suggest we don't need to replace the current 11, but add depth. True, but what's to say that a newbie will not only challenge the likes of Alli, Eriksen or Kane, but may excel to the point to actually dislodge any of them from the starting 11? We all got used to Walker being the 1st name of the team sheet.....and now?...(I always rated Tripp as Walker imo stagnated and frustrated me with his lack of end product.) Dembele is great as a DM, but almost zero goal threat and I welcome Winks challenging him as he adds more to our forward momentum.

    There was a time early on last season, draw after draw, some players off form, some injured and our bench game changers were Jannsen, N'Koudou and Sissoko!... enough said. IMO, Eriksen (whilst great) has no competition. Alli does have few off days. Just imagine the start of next season, no Son, Lamela, Walker, Rose and our bench has Sissoko, Jannsen, Onomah, Winks.... If a couple of our key players are rusty..... we could well be playing catch up quite early on. Can't see Pep, Jose and Conte doing us many favours...

    We need a couple of signings that can hit the ground running....for a change. They may well be needed from the off. With Poch's fitness and training regime, will they be up to speed in time?
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